The Bachelor of Music in Performance requires approximately 74-80 credit hours in music and completion of the following components. No minor is required.

A. General Education Requirements


B. Required Music Courses

MUS 123                       3 cr.            Written Theory I
MUS 124                       3 cr.            Written Theory II
MUS 233                       3 cr.            Written Theory III
MUS 234                       3 cr.            Written Theory IV
MUS 123A                    1 cr.            Ear Training I
MUS 124B                    1 cr.            Ear Training II
MUS 233A                    1 cr.            Ear Training III
MUS 234B                    1 cr.            Ear Training IV
MUS 305                       3 cr.            Music History I
MUS 306                       3 cr.            Music History II
MUS 309                       3 cr.            Introduction to Computer Assisted Music
MUS 399A                    3 cr.            Conducting I
MUS 450R                    1-3 crs.      Guided Field Experience in Research

8 ensemble credits from the following:

MUS 202/302                 1 cr.            Marygrove College Chorale
MUS 204A,B                  1 cr.            Foundations of Ringing I, II
MUS 205                        1 cr.            Community Band

C. Applied Music

Students are required to select an applied music emphasis within each concentration.  Details regarding required number of private study within each applied music emphasis may be found below.

D. Concentration

Additional requirements are specified for each area of concentration within music. Details regarding required courses within each applied music emphasis may be found below.


  •   Minimum 21 credits of Private Organ Lessons (MUS 110-423O)  
  •   Minimum 16 credits of Private Piano Lessons (MUS 110-423P)   
  •   Minimum 21credits of Private Piano Lessons (MUS 110-423P)
  •   Minimum 20 credits of Private Voice Lessons (MUS 110-423V)*
  •   Minimum 8 cred­its of Piano Study (MUS100A, MUS110B or MUS 110-120P)

MUS 401                       3 cr.            Orchestration
MUS 410                       2 cr.            Hymn Playing, Anthem and Soloist Accompaniment
MUS 333                       2 cr.            Organ Improvisation
MUS 491                       1-3 cr.         Independent Study in Organ Repertoire                                           

*Organ performance majors must complete MUS 421O prior to the senior recital (MUS 496)

**Junior Recital may take place during any 300-400 level applied lesson course, as determined by instructor.


MUS 351                       3 cr             Piano Pedagogy I
MUS 352                       3 cr             Piano Pedagogy II
MUS 445                       3 cr             Keyboard Literature
MUS 450P                     3 cr             Practicum in Teaching Piano

*Piano Pedagogy majors must complete MUS 321P in order to fulfill graduation requirements.


MUS 308 or 309           3 cr.            Accompanying or Piano Ensemble
MUS 351                      3 cr.            Piano Pedagogy I
MUS 401                      3 cr.            Orchestration
MUS 443A                    3 cr.            Analytical Techniques
MUS 445                      3 cr.            Keyboard Literature

*Piano performance majors must complete MUS 421P prior to the senior recital (MUS 496)

**Junior Recital may take place during any 300-400 level applied lesson course, as determined by instructor.


MUS 107                       1 cr.            Introduction to Diction
MUS 207                       2 cr.            Advanced Diction for Singers I
MUS 301                       1 cr.            Lyric Theatre (2 credits total)
MUS 365                       3 cr.            Vocal Literature
FRE 151**                     3 cr.            Elementary French II
DAN 254                       2 cr.            Movement for Actors and Singers (or other dance course)                                              

MUS 491, Independent Study in Vocal Pedagogy (2 cr.) is recommended as an elective with the permission of the instructor. The course provides in-depth understanding of the physiology and psychology of the vocal instrument, and an introduction to vocal instruction.

*Voice performance majors must complete proficiency level MUS 421V prior to the senior recital (MUS 496)

** Elementary French I (FRE 150) is the prerequisite for this course and may be taken as a GenEd option

***Junior Recital may take place during any 300-400 level applied lesson course, as determined by instructor.

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