Modern Language Translation Requirements


Admissions Requirements
Modern Language Translation courses are open to students who have completed their undergraduate work, including 20 hours or equivalent in the appropriate foreign language. They are also open to students who have native or near-native reading and writing proficiency in English and Arabic, French, or Spanish. Enrollment in a degree program is not mandatory.

Requirements for Translation Certificate
The Translation Certificate requires completion of fifteen credit hours in the following courses.

ARA 500, Principles of Translation
ARA 501, Translation Workshop I
ARA 502, Translation Workshop II
ARA 503, Business Translation Workshop
ARA 588, Cooperative Field Experience


FRE 500, Principles of Translation
FRE 501, Translation Workshop I
FRE 502, Translation Workshop II
FRE 503, Business Translation Workshop
FRE 588, Cooperative Field Experience


SPA 500, Principles of Translation
SPA 501, Translation Workshop I
SPA 502, Translation Workshop II
SPA 503, Business Translation Workshop
SPA 588, Cooperative Field Experience

The Translation Certificate is granted to students who complete each course in the sequence with a grade of B or better.

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