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Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics Major for Elementary Teaching (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in mathematics for elementary teaching requires completion of the following components‚ including a minimum of 31 credit hours in mathematics.

A. General Education Requirements
See GENERAL EDUCATION section of this catalog.

B. Required Mathematics Courses
MTH 110 Elementary Functions
MTH 251 Calculus I
MTH 265 Discrete Mathematics
MTH 300 College Geometry
MTH 310 Concepts in Elementary Mathematics I
MTH 311 Concepts in Elementary Mathematics II
MTH 325 Probability and Statistics
MTH 330 Teaching Probability and Statistics in Grades K-8
MTH 496A Senior Seminar: Library Research
MTH 496B Senior Seminar: Conclusion

C. Non-teacher certification students, with department approval, may substitute MTH 270, Graph Theory, for one of the required courses.