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Liberal Studies

Liberal Studies

Judith A. Heinen, Ph.D.
Liberal Arts Building, Room 104
Direct: (313) 927-1256
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Programs Offered
Associate of Arts, Liberal Studies (A.A.)

Liberal Studies Overview

The Associate of Arts in liberal studies is particularly suited for the student who would like a strong foundation in the liberal arts, and whose interests encompass a variety of academic disciplines. This degree can be elected for educational and cultural enrichment or can serve as the basis for further study toward the bachelor’s degree.

The Associate of Arts degree requires a minimum of 60 credit hours.

The Associate of Arts in liberal studies serves as a basis for employment in a variety of positions that require a broad college education. This is an ideal program for students who want to explore career options and provides the strong grounding in the liberal arts necessary for today’s changing job market.

The program allows you a great deal of flexibility and choice in the selection of classes. If you are a part-time or evening student, you can easily complete this degree in a timely fashion.

Associate of Arts, Liberal Studies (A.A.)

The associate’s degree requires 60 credit hours and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts
You will complete all General Education requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree, with the exception of an IS 300-level course, ENG 312 and the senior seminar.

B. Electives
Because this is a broad-based program, no more than 12 of the additional hours needed to complete the 60 credits required for the associate’s degree may be in any one area of study.