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Certificate in Women's Studies

This certificate program has been designed for stu­dents interested in learning about the roles, perspec­tives, and contributions of women in an interdisciplin­ary context. The curriculum consists of courses offered in the social sciences, English, and the humanities. It provides students opportunities to consider women’s past history, present conditions, and future possibili­ties, and to understand gender as a cultural practice.

A certificate in Women’s Studies requires 18 credit hours, including:

A. Required Courses

HIS 335              Women in U. S. History
IS 324B              Social Justice Seminar: Global Women’s Issues
SOC 345           Sociology of the Family

B. Elective Courses

Select three electives

AH 355               History of Women Artists
CJ/SOC 352      Women and the American Criminal Justice System
ENG 370            Literature by Women
POL 318            Global Women’s Issues and Policies
PSY 320             Psychology of Women
SOC 300            Special Topics in Sociology: Women’s Issues
SOC 492            Readings in Sociology: Women in Popular Culture

For course descriptions, see appropriate sections of this catalog.