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African American Studies Minor



The African-American Studies minor consists of courses in history, political science, and sociology. This minor provides students opportunities to explore the history, culture, achievements, and importance of African-Americans, and the political and sociological realities that African-Americans experience.

The requirements for an African-American Studies minor are 24 credit hours.

A. Required Core Courses

POL/SOC/SW 306      Ethnic and Racial Diversity
HIS 311                       History of Blacks in America to 1865
HIS 312                       History of Blacks in America since 1865
HIS/POL 359               History of Civil Rights
POL 320                      Afro-American Politics

B. Elective Courses

Select three electives

AH 350                    Black Art
DAN 334                 African-American Aesthetics  
ENG 222                 Introduction to African- American Literature
ENG 322                 Studies in African-American Literature
HUM 332A              African Humanities I
HUM 333B              African Humanities II
HUM 334                 African-American Aesthetics
POL 309                  Ethnicity in Urban America
POL 318                  Global Women’s Issues and Policies
PHL 276                  Critical Thinking: Voices of the African Diaspora
RS 226                    Black Religion in the Americas
RS 326                    African American Religious Thought 


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