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Bachelor of Arts, Language Arts Major (B.A.)

The Bachelor of Arts with a language arts major requires a minimum of 39 credit hours (at least 20 at the 300 level) in the major and completion of the components described below. The Bachelor of Arts de­gree also requires a minor and completion of elective courses as required. Please see the Teacher Certifica­tion section of this catalog.

A. General Education Requirements
See page 48.

B. Required Courses (21 credits):
ENG 160        Introduction to Literature
ENG 205        Children’s Literature
ENG 260        Approaches to Literary Studies
ENG 314        Literary Theory and Criticism
ENG 317        The English Language: History, Structure, and Grammar
ENG 496        Senior Seminar
DAN 161       Introduction to Acting

Two of the following (6 credits):
ENG 207        Introduction to Mass Media
ENG 264        Introduction to Creative Writing
ENG 275        Introduction to Classical Mythology and Literature

Two of the following:
ENG 301        British Literature 1
ENG 302        British Literature 2
ENG 310        American Literature I
ENG 311        American Literature II

Two additional 300-level literature courses

Please see additional require­ments, including ENG 348, Teaching Writing and Speaking, in the Teacher Certification section of this catalog.