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Course Descriptions

ECN 200                      Introductory Macroeconomics                                                                                 3 hours

Prerequisite: MTH 100; Sophomore standing; Term: 1. General Education option

Principles of macroeconomic analysis, determination of national income and employment level; the monetary system; and stabilization policies.

ECN 202                      Economic Dimensions                                                                                              3 hours

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; Term: 1, 2, summer. General Education option

Fundamentals of micro and macroeconomic analysis presented in the context of contemporary socio-economic problems and policy alternatives. This course is intended to satisfy general education requirements only, and can­not be counted toward a minor in economics.

ECN 203                      Introductory Microeconomics                                                                                  3 hours

Prerequisites: ECN 200 or 202, MTH 100; Sophomore standing; Term: 2. General Education option

Focuses on theory of the individual firm in short and long run analysis; profit maximization under different market structures; and analysis of resource allocation and income distribution.

ECN/POL/PSY/SOC 305 Introductory Statistics                                                                                          4 hours

Prerequisite: MTH 100 or equivalent; Term: 1, 2

Fundamental principles of descriptive and inferential statistics with applications to social sciences. May include use of statistical software.

ECN 307                      Finance                                                                                                                       4 hours

Prerequisites: ACC 234, ECN 200, ECN 203; Term: 2

Study of the basic theoretical framework for decision-making in financial management. Includes financial planning, fund requirements and sources, and fundamentals of capital budgeting.

ECN 310                      Money and Banking                                                                                                  3 hours

Prerequisites: ENG 108, ECN 200 or ECN 202; Term: 1

Emphasis on operation and control of monetary and banking system in relation to government fiscal policy and international finance.

ECN/HIS 340                 American Labor History                                                                                         3 hours

Prerequisites: ENG 108; HIS 252 or HIS 253 recommended.

The history of the working class and trade union movement in the United States from the mid-19th century to the present.

ECN 341                      Issues in Economics                                                                                                 4 hours

Prerequisite: ECN 200 or 202 or 203. Offered as needed

Examination of various issues and problems in economics at the present time. Writing intensive.

ECN/HIS 345                  Problems in American Economic History                                                            3 hours

Prerequisites: ENG 108‚ ECN 200 or 202. Offered as needed

The process of American economic development; historical roots of contemporary economic problems.

ECN 361                      International Economics and Finance                                                                     4 hours

Prerequisite: ECN 203. Offered as needed

Focuses on international trade‚ investment‚ and finance issues since the end of World War II. Includes the study of important international monetary and trade organizations and the study of the effect of regional integration and cooperation on trade and investment. Writing intensive.

ECN 365                      Economics of the Third World                                                                                 3 hours

Prerequisite: ECN 200 or 202. Offered as needed

Study of the theories of economic development, as well as the economic relationship between developed and third world nations.

ECN 384                      Consumer Money Management                                                                               3 hours

Prerequisites: ECN 200 or 202. Term: 2; alternate years

Principles of management applied to the financial needs and resources of the individual and family. Emphasis on financial planning, income distribution, consumer financial services and protection, use of credit, insurance and investments.

ECN 388                      Cooperative Field Experience                                                                                  2-6 hours

Prerequisite: Departmental approval; Term: 1, 2

Supervised work experience in activity related to area of specialization, planned in consultation with advisor, co-op supervisor and employer. Recording, reporting and evaluation of experience will be required.

ECN 491                      Independent Study                                                                                                   1-4 hours

Prerequisite: At least one course in economics; Term: 1, 2

Advanced research and presentation of critically evaluated data.