Early Childhood Education Overview


Bachelor of Arts, Early Childhood Education Minor
The Early Childhood Education (ECE) minor is done in conjunction with the Teacher Certification Program, along with a major leading to Elementary Level teacher certification (Language Arts, Integrated Science, Math, or Social Studies). The successful graduate will qualify for the endorsement in Early Childhood Education being added to an Elementary Level (K-8) teaching certificate. This added endorsement recognizes the graduate as a specialist for Kindergarten and primary level teaching in elementary schools.

A. General Education Requirements
See Undergraduate Catalog

B. Required Major Courses - Certifiable Major
Student must complete a certifiable elementary major from the list in the Teacher Certification section of this catalog, and must fulfill all Teacher Certification Program requirements. Early Childhood Education minor coursework is listed below.

C. Required Courses for Early Childhood Education Minor
EDU 205 Children's Literature
ECE 223 Young Child Guidance and Parent Advocacy
ECE 350 Play Theory and Aesthetics
ECE 333 Math/Science Methods for Early Childhood
ECE 375 Literacy Methods for Early Childhood Education
ECE 433 Young Child Assessment
ECE 456 Language Development and Disorders
ECE 499 Student Teaching: Preschool

D. Early Childhood Electives
(Select minimum of one course)
ECE 326 Administration of Developmental Centers
BIO 141 Nutrition through the Life Cycle

E. Required Elementary Level Professional Education Courses:***
EDU 203 The Teaching Profession
EDU 240 Developmental Psychology
EDU 241 Educational Psychology
EDU 275 Foundations of American Education
SED 250 Education of the Exceptional Learner
EDU 324 Principles of Classroom Management
EDU 330 Technology in the Classroom
EDU 344*** Methods for Teaching Elementary School Mathematics
EDU 348 Teaching Writing and Speaking in the Elementary and Secondary Classroom
EDU 354*** Methods for Teaching Elementary School Social Studies
EDU 364A*** Methods in Elementary Reading and Other Language Arts
EDU 364B*** Methods in Elementary Reading: Practicum
EDU 374*** Methods for Teaching Elementary School Science
EDU 499 Student Teaching

***Generally offered once per academic year

Students must also complete each field-based experience and practicum as required in Professional Education Courses. Additional courses and requirements for admission and completion may be required with changes in Divisional policies and/or State of Michigan certification rules.

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