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Detroit Studies

Detroit Studies

Thomas A. Klug, Ph.D.
Liberal Arts Building, Room LA 228
Direct: (313) 927-1291
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Certificate in Detroit Studies

Mary Byrnes, Ph.D.
Ellis L. Ivory, M.A.
Thomas A. Klug, Ph.D.
Tal Levy, Ph.D.
Diane McMillan, M.S.W.
Frank D. Rashid, Ph.D.
Dena Scher, Ph.D.

Mission and Programs


The Marygrove College Institute for Detroit Studies promotes interdisciplinary study of the City of Detroit through

  • academic credit and continuing education courses;
  • on-line resources;
  • lectures, readings, exhibits, and performances;
  • research activities and visiting scholar programs;
  • workshops, programs, and presentations held on campus and throughout the metropolitan area.

The Institute builds on Marygrove College’s mission to serve the people of metropolitan Detroit, on its location in the city, and on its strong relationship with different Detroit constituencies. The Institute seeks to broaden recogni­tion of Detroit’s contributions to American culture, interrogate standard definitions and popular versions of the city, and provide opportunity for cross-disciplinary analysis of issues important to the metropolitan area.


Defining Detroit

A series of lectures, readings, exhibits, and performances focusing on the City of Detroit. The series has brought to the campus well-known Detroit historians, writers, and artists, among them Joyce Carol Oates, Thomas J. Sugrue, Kevin Boyle, Heather Thompson, Philip Levine, Cholly Atkins, Naomi Long Madgett, and Lawrence Joseph.

Web Resources:

Certificate in Detroit Studies

The undergraduate certificate in Detroit Studies consists of at least sixteen hours of interdisciplinary coursework devoted to analysis of metropolitan Detroit.

Courses may include:

HIS 310                      Metro Detroit through Three Centuries
POL/SW/SOC 385     Community and Organizational Change
IS 320                         Detroit: An Interdisciplinary Seminar
ENG 333                     Detroit in Literature
HIS/POL 496               Senior Research Seminar, Topics in Detroit History and Politics

Other courses in development


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