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Dance Overview

Through dance, the trends of political, emotional, and social issues are documented by the choreographic works of artistic leaders, and often dramatically influence the evolution of urban society and social phenomena. Based on the principal that a technical proficiency level is decisive in the competitive dance market, dance technique, in the ballet, modern and jazz dance idioms are the foundation of the curriculum. With this in mind, the Department of Dance is directed toward producing versatile dance artists who have the capabilities to meet the ever-changing standards of dance performance. The specialized dance degree programs, together with the liberal arts education, create a plan of study designed for the specific interest of each student. The department presents a four to five year program leading to a Bachelor of Arts/Dance Performance, Bachelor of Arts/Dance or a minor in dance performance.


The Bachelor of Fine Arts/Dance Performance degree program is specifically designed for the student preparing for a professional career as a performer in dance. This specialized program requires 71 credit hours in dance technique and 18 credit hours in related theory courses. Dance majors seeking a BFA/Dance Performance must maintain a cumulative 3.0 grade point average in all dance technique and related required courses.

The Bachelor of Arts/Dance degree program is designed for students who wish to major in dance, but would like to take greater advantage of the Liberal Arts academic experience. A total of 51 credit hours in dance technique and 18 credit hours in dance theory classes are required. In addition, the student must complete 20 credit hours of a chosen minor. Dance majors seeking a BA/Dance degree must maintain a cumulative 2.5 in all dance technique and related required courses.

The Bachelor of Arts/Performing Arts program is an individualized, interdisciplinary major across three departments: dance, music, and theatre. It is also a collaborative venture between two institutions; Marygrove College and the University of Detroit Mercy. The Performing Arts major consists of 60 credits of combined coursework in dance, music and theatre. Because this is an interdisciplinary major, a minor is not required. A student selects one primary area of concentration with approximately 40 credits and two secondary areas to comprise the additional 20 credit hours.

See the PERFORMING ARTS/THEATRE section of the catalog for
additional information.

The Minor in Dance Performance is for the student with prior dance experience who would like to continue their dance training and have the opportunity to perform. A total of 24 credit hours of dance technique and theory courses complete the dance minor.

The Minor in Performing Arts provides an opportunity to experience the performing arts in a larger, collective sense. The performing arts group minor consists of 24 hours of course work selected from the following areas: music, dance, English and theater. A performing arts minor may include up to 12 credits from the Theatre Department at the University of Detroit Mercy.

See the Performing Arts/Theatre section of the catalog for additional information.

The Minor in Theatre provides an introduction to theatre. A theatre minor consists of 24 hours of course work and may include up to 12 credits from the Theatre Department at the University of Detroit Mercy. See the Performing Arts/Theatre section of the catalog for additional information.

The Minor in Visual & Performing Arts provides you with the opportunity to experience the arts from a broad perspective and works well with humanities, modern languages, history or a major in any of the arts. This is a 24 credit hour group minor for which course work is selected from at least three of the following areas: art, art history, music, dance and theatre. Please note that classes in your major cannot be counted toward this minor.

Acceptance into each of the dance programs is based on a formal dance audition. The audition is held by members of the dance faculty. Proficiency at the intermediate level in the ballet, modern or jazz dance idiom is required for acceptance as a dance major/minor. Prospective dance students may not audition until they have completed the Admissions process, and have been accepted into Marygrove College’s academic program. All incoming dance majors will be designated as Bachelor of Arts/Dance degree candidates. At the conclusion of the first year, the student may petition the dance department faculty and request to change their academic program to the BFA Dance Performance degree.

Career Information
Marygrove’s various dance programs are designed for the particular interest of each student while maintaining the highest standard accepted in the professional workplace. A degree in dance completed at Marygrove College prepares the student for a future as a performer, educator, choreographer, musical theatre entertainer, critic, dance historian, private studio owner, or further studies beyond the bachelor degree.

Talent Scholarships
A limited number of talent scholarships are granted each academic year. Awards are granted upon the completion of the admissions process and upon completion of an audition. Talent scholarships may be combined with academic awards. Please contact the Office of Admissions for further information.

Credit for Professional Experience
Credit may be granted for professional experience through the portfolio assessment. Transfer credits are accepted with certain guidelines. Please contact the dance department for further information.

Professional Performances
Marygrove’s dance program is professionally oriented and emphasizes broad performance experience. All majors/minors are members of the Marygrove College Dance Company or Company2. The dance company performs informally on campus, off-campus in lecture demonstrations, as guest artists with local dance companies, collaboratively in one divisional musical theatre production and in three full-scale proscenium dance concerts in the Marygrove College Theatre. In addition, the dance department participates in the Michigan Dance Council (MDC) and the American College Dance Association (ACDA) conferences.

Guest Artists
Opportunities to interact and study with international
instructors and choreographers are offered throughout the
academic year to the Marygrove undergraduate dance major/
minor. These affiliations with master artists often lead to
opportunities in the professional field for Marygrove dance
department graduates.

Honor Society
The dance department offers membership to The National Dance Honor Society, Nu Delta Alpha Chapter for all eligible dance majors/minors.

To locate specific course information regarding the Bachelor of Arts/Performing Arts (BA), the Performing Arts Minor and the Theatre Minor see the Performing Arts area of this catalog. To locate information for the Minor/Visual & Performing Arts, please see the Art section of the undergraduate catalog. 

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