Bachelor of Arts/Dance (B.A.)


The Bachelor of Arts/ Dance requires completion of 53 credit hours in dance technique courses and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements
See page 48

B. Required Technique Courses:   53 credit hours

Ballet – 18 cr. hours (6 semesters)

DAN 250                                        3 cr.         Ballet I                                  

DAN 251                                        3 cr.         Ballet II 

DAN 350                                        3 cr.         Ballet III

DAN 351                                        3 cr.         Ballet IV

DAN 380                                        3 cr.         Ballet V        

DAN 381                                        3 cr.         Ballet VI        


Modern – 12 cr. hours (6 semesters)

DAN 270                                        2 cr.         Modern I

DAN 271                                        2 cr.         Modern II

DAN 370                                        2 cr.         Modern III

DAN 371                                        2 cr.         Modern IV

DAN 390                                        2 cr.         Modern V

DAN 391                                        2 cr.         Modern VI


Jazz – 2 cr. hours  

DAN 377                                       


Including – 21 cr. hours 

DAN 201                                        2 cr.         Dance/Theatre/Performance    I          

DAN 202                                        2 cr.         Dance/Theatre/Performance II

DAN 301                                        2 cr.         Dance/Theatre/Performance III

DAN 302                                        2 cr.         Dance/Theatre/Performance IV

DAN 272                                        1 cr.         Dance Improvisation

DAN 273                                        2 cr.         Dance Composition I

DAN 400                                        2 cr.         Dance Composition II

DAN 252                                        1 cr.         Contemporary Partnering I

DAN 190 or 376                             1 cr.         Elementary or Intermediate/Advanced Tap

DAN 346                                        1 cr.         Teaching Theory

DAN 307 or 310                             1 cr.         Pointe/Variations or Men’s Technique

DAN 379                                        1 cr.         Ethnic/World Dance Forms                               

DAN 496                                        3 cr.         Senior Seminar


C. Related Required Courses: 23 credit hours

DAN 275                                        2 cr.         History of Dance I

DAN 276                                        3 cr.         History of Dance II

MUS101                                        3 cr.          Fundamentals of Music

DAN 161                                        3 cr.         Fundamentals of Acting

DAN 266                                        3 cr.         Production Technology

BIO 141                                         3 cr.          Nutrition thru the Life Cycle

BIO 257                                         4 cr.          Anatomy and Physiology  

ART 211  or                                   2 cr.          Introduction to Computer Graphics: Imaging

ART 221                                                         Introduction to Computer Graphics: Graphic Design


D. Required Minor

20 credit hours of minor studies


E. Electives

1 credit hour of elective studies


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