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Minor in Criminal Justice

The requirements for the minor in Criminal Justice are:

A. A minimum of 21 total credits.

B. Included must be these courses:

CJ 110                      Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 200                    Sociological Perspectives of Crime
CJ 311                      Deviant Behavior
CJ 320                      Juvenile Delinquency
CJ 380                      Criminal Law

C. An additional 6 credits are required in the following areas of Sociology, Psychology, Social Work, Political Science, or Forensic Science. Pos­sible electives include:

CJ 240                 Corrections
CJ 351                 Restorative Justice
CJ 352                 Women in the American Criminal Justice System
CJ 358                 Law and Society
FSC 140              Introduction to Forensic Science
FSC 220             Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection
POL 203             Political Reality and Public Policy
PSY/SOC 360    Social Psychology
PSY 365             Group Dynamics
PSY 240             Developmental Psychology
PSY 340             Abnormal Psychology
SW 200A            Working with Substance Abuse(2)
SW 200C           Working with Mental Illness(2)
SW 268               Child Welfare Policies and Services (2)
SW 314               Social Welfare Policy (3)