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Bachelor of Arts, Criminal Justice (B.A.)

Criminal Justice is an interdisciplinary major which does not require the completion of an additional minor. The requirements for a Bachelor of Arts degree with a criminal justice major are a minimum of 52 credit hours in criminal justice and related courses and completion of the following components:

Before any decisions are made for your selection of courses, you will need to meet with the Program Coordinator to discuss your academic plan.

A. General Education Requirements

B. Required Courses:

CJ 110             Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 200            Sociological Perspectives of Crime

                           (Preq. CJ110)

CJ 240             Corrections (Preq. CJ110)
CJ 330           Criminal Behavior (Preq. CJ 110)
CJ 351           Restorative Justice  (Preq. CJ 110 and 200)
CJ 356             Police and Society (Preq. CJ110)
CJ/SW 355   Social Research Methods: (MTH 100, Psy 205; SOC 201, permission of instructor)
CJ 380             Criminal Law (Preq. CJ 110)
CJ 495             Restorative Justice Practices (Preq. CJ351)*
CJ 496             Senior Seminar (Preq. Eng. 312, Senior standing, permission of instructor)

C.  Electives

Students must choose 3 courses from the list below:

CJ 306             Race and Ethnic Diversity (Preq. Soc. 201)
CJ 311             Deviant Behavior (Preq. Soc. 201)
CJ 320             Juvenile Delinquency (Preq. Soc. 201)
CJ 352             Women in the American Justice System
CJ 400             Special Topics in Criminal Justice (Preq. CJ110, junior or senior standing, permission of instructor)
CJ 493           Readings in Criminal Justice
CJ 498           Internship (Preq. Senior, CJ355, permission of the Program Coordinator)

D. Related Discipline Requirements:

Students must choose 4 courses (12 semester hours) from the following: *Students should consult their advisor and choose their allied courses based on their individual academic and career interests. Students are responsible for checking the prerequisites for each of these courses.

CIS 210                   Microcomputer Applications (3)
CHM 140                General Chemistry (4)
CJ 491                 Independent Study in Criminal Justice (3)
ENG 209                 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
FSC 140                  Introduction to Forensic Science (4)
FSC 220                  Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence    Collection (4)
HUM 330                Asian and Arab Culture (3)
PHL 225                 Ethics (3)
POL 201                 Public Administration (3)
POL 203                 Political Reality and Public Policy
POL/SOC 358      Law and Society (3)
PSY 240                  Developmental Psychology (3)
PSY 305                 Introduction to Statistics (3)
PSY/SOC 360      Social Psychology (3)
PSY 340                  Abnormal Psychology (3)
SW 200A                Working with Substance Abuse (2)
SW 200C               Working with Mental Illness
SW 268                   Child Welfare Policies and Services (2)
SW 314                   Social Welfare Policy (3)
SOC 345                 Sociology of the Family (3)
SOC 348                 Death and Dying (3)
SOC 365                 Group Dynamics (3)