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Applications Programmer • Database Administrator • Network Administrator • Programmer Analyst • Project Manager • Systems Analyst • Web Master

The continuing growth of computer usage in business, industry, and education has expanded the demand for individuals trained in computer information systems. A wide variety of employment opportunities are available to computer information systems graduates. They include: applications programmer, programmer analyst, database administrator, systems analyst, network administrator, Web master, and project manager.


You may major or minor in Computer Information Systems toward the fulfillment of requirements for a bachelor’s degree. You may also attain a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. The Department offers a Post-Degree certificate program. Whatever your choice of degree or program, you will take courses that are both professionally-oriented and academically rooted in the liberal arts, theoretical and practical, comprehensive and specialized.


The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Computer Information Systems is designed for students who want to take computer information systems classes as their major course of study (36 required credit hours).

This degree focuses on technical, human, operational, strategic and information resource management. Graduates will acquire the technical skills needed to meet the challenges of managing the constantly changing computer information systems environment. As a student in the Computer Information Systems department, you will learn about the social, economic, and technological implications of computers and their impact on the twenty-first century.

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree, an interdisciplinary major, is designed for students who have attained certain industry certifications, such as Microsoft Systems Engineer (MCSE), or Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA).This major requires 60-72 credit hours.  If you elect this degree you will complete 21 or more credit hours in CIS courses, in addition to the credits from the industry certification. The number of credits required is dependent on the departmental evaluation of the certification work. You will not be required to select a minor for fulfillment of degree requirements. The certification credits transferred to this degree are limited to 30 semester hours.

The minor in computer information systems provides knowledge and skills that complement a student’s major area of study and expands career options for graduates. A minor in Computer Information Systems will enhance your major area of study since knowledge of computers is expected of every college graduate to be competitive in the work environment. The broad-based minor in Computer Information Systems consists of 24 credit hours in required and elective courses.

A post-degree certificate in Computer Information Systems is designed for any person with a bachelor’s degree interested in gaining skills for a career in computer information systems. At the completion of the 18 credit program you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.


Program Scheduling

You may complete this program as a day or evening student. Although much of the major can be completed online,  the Degree cannot be achieved online.

Transfer Students

Transfer students seeking a major in computer information systems will be required to take a minimum of 15 credit hours in computer information systems at Marygrove College and fulfill all departmental requirements for a major.

Advanced Placement and College Level Examination Program (AP/CLEP)

Students completing Advanced Placement Examinations (AP) with grades three or higher will be granted credit

Academic Performance

Only courses with a C- or better may be applied in fulfillment of the requirements for a major, minor or certificate program in Computer Information Systems. Students will be expected to demonstrate achievement of communication powers, arts, and skills in CIS 496-Information Systems II: Strategies and Management: Senior Project

Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative education is the integration of classroom work with practical paid employment experience in an organized program. This program allows you to earn college credits while you are employed. Permission of the department head is required to elect cooperative education field experience. No more than 12 credit hours may be earned from cooperative education toward your degree.


As a Computer Information Systems student you are provided access to current work­stations and networking technologies. In addition, to student computer labs, CIS students have access to computer classrooms dedicated to hands-on instruction. Software includes the latest versions of programming languages, as well as application and communications software.


The Computer Information Systems Award is an annual award given to the outstanding graduating senior with a computer information systems major.


Individual courses in computer information systems can enhance your background in any of the programs offered at Marygrove College.


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