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CIS 205 Introduction to Computer Information Systems                   3 hours
Prerequisites: ENG 107; Term 1, 2

Examination of information systems from the perspec­tive of the manager as user. A study of the principles and concepts of computers in business and in the professions, and an overview of the system analysis and design functions. Topics include development of information systems, management of information tech­nology resources, and social implications of computer usage.

CIS 210 Software Applications                              3 hours
Fee: yes; Term 1,2

An applied course in developing basic competencies.  Topics include office applications that support the practical application and development of Information technology resources.

CIS 212 Introduction to Operating Systems                 3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 205; Fee: yes; Term 1, 2

This course introduces methods used with PC’s to control applications and exchange data between pro­grams. Students learn about a variety of PC interface issues including Windows standards, file manage­ment, customizing, shortcut methods, and accessory programs. Course includes an introduction to UNIX. Hands-on applications under both graphics-oriented and character-based windowing approaches are employed to demonstrate multi-program control and sharing and exchanging data between programs.

CIS 245 Computer Programming and Logic                 3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS 205; Fee: yes; Term 1, 2

This course introduces the basic concepts of algorithmic development and techniques of computer programming. Logic, design and implementation models are presented to solve and program business problems. Programs are created using structured and modular programming techniques. Concepts of planning and developing program requirements and specifications are introduced to students using flowcharts, pseudocode and hierarchy charts.

CIS 251 Introduction to Visual Basic     3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 245 or Placement Recommendation; MTH 100; Fee: yes; Term 2

Input, output, storage, procedures, applications and programming practice using Object-Oriented Languages.

CIS 300 Principles of Information Systems Management                           3 hours

Prerequisites: CIS205; BUS 266 is highly desirable. Term: 1   Hybrid format

The goal of this course is to present a core of IS principles with which every CIS and Business student should be familiar and to offer a survey of the IS discipline that will enable all CIS and Business students to understand the relationship of advanced courses to the curriculum as a whole. It will also present the changing role of the IS professional and show the value of the discipline as an attractive field of specialization.

CIS 320 E-Commerce                 3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 300. Fee: yes; Term: Offered alternate years    Hybrid format

Designed to familiarize individuals with current and emerging electronic commerce technologies using the Internet. Topics include Internet technology for business advantage; managing electronic commerce funds transfer; electronic commerce Web site design; social, political and ethical issues associated with electronic commerce; and business plans for technology ventures.  Cross-listed with BUS 320.

CIS 372 C++ Programming Language                           3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 251; Fee: yes; Term 1, 2

This course introduces students to the structure, organization, basic elements and concepts of C++. Emphasis is placed upon topics such as problem solving, programming structures using selection, decision, repetition and looping structures, file manipulation, style, and modularity using functions. Students strengthen their problem solving skills and analytical techniques as they design, test and debug a variety of business programs.

CIS 373 Java Language Programming                      3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS251. Fee: yes. Term 2

Java language concepts used in conjunction with the Web. Students will learn how Java is used as a powerful cross-platform client/server development tool. Included in this course will be the creation of Java applets for use on the Internet.

CIS 374 Advanced C++ Programming                3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS 372; Fee: yes; Term 2

Object oriented programming principles are introduced using the C++ language. Topics include encapsulation, data hiding, data abstraction, classes, constructors, destructors, pointers, dynamic allocation of memory, inheritance, and polymorphism.

CIS 375 Database Management Systems                      3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 251; Fee: yes; Term 1

Concepts and structures fundamental for designing and implementing database management systems. Included are SQL relational databases; data manipulation, definition, and control.

CIS 376 Advanced Database Management Systems                 3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS 375. Term 2.

Intensive study of database systems, including advanced techniques for representation and specific to a business environment. Object oriented database systems will be available for student use.

CIS 380 Decision Support and Expert Systems                     3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS 251 and CIS 300; Term 1 Hybrid format

Explores human decision making and how decision support systems assist this process.

CIS 385 Business Applications Using Excel             3 hours
Prerequisites:  CIS 210, BUS 173, or permission of instructor; May be offered in alternate years

Explores advanced techniques in Business and Accounting applications using Excel software.  Students are exposed to practical examples suitable for professional purposes and personal use.  Uses an exercise-oriented approach that allows learning by doing.  Cross-listed with ACC 385 and BUS 385.  Course will be offered pending approval by the Curriculum Review Committee.

CIS 388 Cooperative Field Experience                       1-3 hours
Prerequisites: Completion of 12 credit hours in computer information systems, departmental approval, junior standing. Term 1,2

Work experience for majors only in activity related to specialization. May be applied for more than once.

CIS 390 Social/Ethical/Legal Implications of Computing              3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 205, ENG 108; Term 2  Hybrid format

Influence of the computer revolution on society; automation, data banks, ethics, information explosion, moneyless economy, numeralization and depersonalization, privacy and security. Moral and legal obligations of the computer professional, including issues related to intellectual property and copyrights. Writing Intensive Course.

CIS 412 Data Communications/Networking              3 hours
Prerequisite: CIS 300 ; Fee: yes. Term alternate years

Technology, design, management, and use of communication networks. Topics include topologies, architecture, networks, standards and protocols.

CIS 433 Designing and Maintaining Web Pages               3 hours

Prerequisite: CIS 251. Fee: yes. Term 2

Students will design WEB pages to be used on the Internet. This will include experience with HTML (Hypertext Mark Up Language) and XHTML.

CIS 444 Project Management           3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 210; Fee: yes. Term 1

This course introduces students to the project management concepts and corresponding software tools. Students will learn the fundamentals of project scheduling and management.

CIS 476 Information Systems I: System Development             3 hours
Prerequisites: CIS 375; Fee: yes; Term 1 Hybrid format

This course covers an in-depth study of all phases related to the systems Life Cycle, from initial investigation through final installation. Specific emphasis will be given to project management techniques, including quality assurance and cost/benefit tools applicable to IS planning and design.

CIS 488 Cooperative Field Experience               1-3 hours
Prerequisites: Completion of 24 credit hours in computer information systems, departmental approval, senior standing. Term 1,2

Work experience for majors only in activity related to specialization. May be applied for more than once.

CIS 491 Independent Study                    1-3 hours
Prerequisite: Permission from head of department and CIS faculty member. Term 2

CIS 492 Special Topics
Prerequisites:  Senior Standing; departmental approval, permission of instructor: Term 1 or 2                 1-3 hours

Focused study of a current topic that extends beyond courses typically offered in scheduled courses. Specific topic determined each year. 

CIS 496 Information Systems II: Strategies and Management: Senior Project                      3 hours
Prerequisite: Senior Standing; CIS 476; Fee: yes; Term 2: Hybrid format

Structure, models, and utilization of information systems of management decisions in various types of business environments. This course provides a framework for an investigation of the methods appropriate for information systems planning and management. Elements include: facilities, equipment, personnel, technical skills, and training. All elements of previous courses will be incorporated. Project presentations are required, exhibiting visual, oral, and written communication skills; research based. 


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