Bachelor of Science, Computer Information Systems (B.S.)


The Bachelor of Science degree with computer information systems major requires completion of the following components which include 36 credit hours in computer information systems.

A. General Education Requirements

B. Required Department Courses

CIS 205          Introduction to Computer Information Systems
CIS 210          Software Applications
CIS 212          Introduction to Operating Systems
CIS 245          Computer Programming and Logic
CIS 251          Introduction to Visual Basic
CIS 300          Principles of Computer Information Systems
CIS 372          C++ Programming
CIS 375          Database Management Systems
CIS 380          Decision Support Systems and Expert Systems
CIS 390          Social/Ethical/Legal Implications of Computing
CIS 476          Computer Information Systems I: System Development
CIS 496          Computer Information Systems II: Strategies and Management - Senior Project

C. Required Math Course

MTH 100       Algebra

D. Required Business Courses

BUS 173         Introduction to Business
BUS 266         Principles of Organization and Management

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