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Child Development Overview

The Child Development Bachelor’s Degree program is an excellent choice for students who wish to work with children from birth through the preschool period. The bachelor’s degree earned with the Child Development major leads to becoming a skilled child care provider. This degree enables the successful graduate to serve as a preschool teacher, child development center director, early childhood lead teacher, Head Start educator, early childhood assistant teacher, or home day care provider.

The Child Development program prepares the successful student for a career working with children from birth to age 5. Courses emphasize understanding the development of the young child, the best approaches to educating young children, and the importance of family and community in developmental and educational processes.

The Bachelor of Arts with a major in Child Development prepares students to work with children ages birth through the preschool period (age 5) in child care settings. This program has a specific set of required courses designed for those with goals of becoming directors in early childhood centers or pre-school teachers in daycare settings. At the conclusion of the program, there is a required field practice (real classroom experience in a preschool program).

Academic Performance
A grade point average no lower than 2.7 is required to be accepted to, and remain in, the Bachelor of Arts program in Child Development and the Early Childhood Education programs.

Transfer Students
The Child Development Program generally accepts transfer credit from accredited institutions of higher learning at the 100-200 level, except for methods credits and lab/practicum hours, which are accepted as elective credits only. Advisors make this determination.