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Business Overview

Benefits Specialist • Certified Public Accountant • Entrepreneur • Human Resource Manager • Internal Revenue Agent • Management Accountant • Health Science Management • Market Researcher • Organizational Trainer • Project Manager • Sales Representative

The current demand for business graduates is unlimited, particularly for women in careers such as marketing, management and finance. Marygrove graduates serving as certified public accountants, internal revenue agents, controllers, human resource managers, accountants and sales representatives tell us that strong analytical, communication and mathematics skills are the best foundation for business majors who want to progress rapidly in their careers. Marygrove can prepare you for the global emphasis in business. A major in Business with fluency in a foreign language (see Interdisciplinary Studies: Language and Business) can give you a competitive edge in your job search.

The Department of Business offers undergraduate programs for students interested in careers in business, commerce, industry, finance, as well as not-for-profit enterprises such as health care, social services, educational institutions and government agencies.

As a student in the business department, you may select from five areas of concentration-accounting, financial planning, general business, management and marketing. Whatever your choice of degree or program, you will take courses that are professionally oriented and academically rooted in the liberal arts. And your course work will be theoretical, practical, comprehensive, and specialized.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program with a major in business is designed for students who want to take traditional business classes as their major course of study. These students combine 36 credit hours of business courses with a minor from an area outside of business, such as psychology, art, computer information systems‚ foreign language‚ or political science. You may concentrate in accounting, financial planning, general business, management, or marketing.

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a highly concentrated program requiring a minimum of 58 credit hours in business and accounting courses. As a student in the B.B.A. program, you will not be required to select a minor. If you choose to pursue a career in public accounting, the B.B.A. degree program is particularly suited for you. The curriculum offers the course work you need to prepare for C.P.A. licensing.

The minor in business can provide you with knowledge and skills to complement your major area of study. Also, it expands your career options after graduation. This broad-based minor consists of 24 credit hours in business and accounting.

The Associate of Arts degree program provides a broad introduction to business. As a student in this program, you will have an opportunity to complete two years of college in preparation for an entry-level business position. If you earn an associate’s degree, you may continue your college education by applying your credits toward a bachelor’s degree with a major or minor in business.

The Post-degree certificate in business is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in a field other than business who are interested in attaining the basic skills offered in a business curriculum. To receive a Certificate of Completion, you will need to complete a 20-credit hour program.

Program Scheduling
The courses in the Business Department are offered to both day and night students. Occasionally, especially in upper-level courses, a student might have to enroll in a night or Saturday course. Part-time night students (6-8 hours) may expect to graduate in 2-8 years, depending on transfer credits, general education requirements, and summer school attendance. Some of the business courses are offerend in on-line format; others may be offered as blended classes (denoted as Hybrid courses).

Transfer Students
The business department generally accepts transfer credits from accredited institutions of higher education. Business majors‚ however‚ must earn a minimum of 15 credit hours in business at Marygrove. The head of the department will determine other required courses.

Advance Placement and College Level Examination Program (AP/CLEP)
Students completing AdvancePlacement Examinations (AP) with grades three or higher will be granted credit.

Academic Performance
Only courses with a grade of C- or better can be applied to fulfill the business core, the area of concentration and the related discipline requirements of a major in business and/ or the B.B.A. degree. Only courses with a grade of C- or better may fulfill requirements of a minor in business.

The Business Department presents an award to the outstanding graduating senior with a business major.

Post-degree Certificate, Second Major, and second degree Programs. If you have completed a bachelor’s degree, you may enroll as a post-degree student and take course work in business toward a certificate, and/or complete requirements for a major in business.

If you have earned other than a Bachelor of Arts degree at Marygrove or another accredited institution, you may qualify for a second bachelor’s degree with a major in business. You will need to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours beyond the first degree‚ and fulfill all current general education, related discipline, and business core and concentration requirements. Specific requirements will be determined in consultation with the head of the business department.

Opportunities for additional courses not offered at Marygrove can be arranged through the Catholic Colleges Consortium, including the University of Detroit Mercy or Madonna University, or the OCICU Consortium, which specializes in online courses.