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Associate of Arts, Accounting or General Business (A.A.)

An Associate of Arts in accounting or general business requires 64 credit hours and completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements

B. Related Discipline Requirement
Three hours in computer information systems and three hours in economics.

C. Core Requirements
BUS 173  Introduction to Business
BUS 304  Business Law I
ACC 224  Principles of Accounting I
ACC 234  Principles of Accounting II

D. Required Courses in One Area of Concentration
Select one of the two following concentration sequences of either accounting or general business.

1. Accounting
BUS 307  Finance

Choose at least two from:

ACC 324  Intermediate Accounting I
ACC 334  Managerial Accounting
ACC 354  Federal Income Tax Accounting

2. General Business
BUS 266  Principles of Organization and Management
BUS 302  Principles of Marketing Business Electives

Select two three-credit courses in consultation with your academic advisor.