Teacher Certification Program


You must be admitted to the Teacher Education program through the Education Department if you are seeking K-12 certification.

As a student in the teacher certification program, you must meet the same standards as other art majors and you must fulfill the requirements of the state in which you plan to teach. Consult the Education Department to learn more about state requirements and an art advisor to plan your major. Refer to the teacher certification section of this catalog for more information.

An art major can prepare you for a career in the teach­ing of art in elementary, intermediate and secondary education through admission to the Teacher Certifica­tion Program and successful completion of program requirements.

Upon completion of the studio (53 studio credits), art history (12 credits), general education requirements for graduation, and the course work in the certification program (art education and professional education requirements), you are eligible to be recommended by Marygrove College to the State of Michigan for a Provisional Teaching of Art (K-12) certificate.

If you plan to teach outside of Michigan, consult with education and art education advisors for other state requirements.

Post-degree students should follow the same require­ments and directives above and should consult an art advisor for approved art sequences and course requirements.

A. General Education Requirements.

B. Core Requirements in the Art Major (23 credits)

ART 115 Basic Drawing: Skills and Concepts
ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design and Color
ART 210   Three-Dimensional Design
ART 211 Introduction to Computer Graphics: Computer Imaging
ART 215 Life Drawing I
ART 221 Introduction to Computer Graphics: Graphic Design
ART 496 Senior Workshop (3 credits).

C. Additional Courses in Art Strongly    Recommended for Teachers

ART 276 Photography I

D. Upper-Level Courses Required for Majors Seeking Certification

ART 287 Ceramics: Handbuilding  or
ART 487 Advanced Ceramics
ART 352 Painting
ART 443 Printmaking: Woodcut


ART 453 Printmaking: Silkscreen

E.   Major Interview With Portfolio

Scheduled after the completion of three of the core requirement courses.

F. Twelve Credits of Art History

AH 101    Looking at Art (required)
AH 202       Wonders of World Art: Ancient to Modern (required)
AH 370    20th/21st Century Art

Plus one additional art history course

G. Professional Education Requirements

Please refer to the teacher certification section of this catalog for a complete list of professional education requirements and prerequisites.

H. Teacher Certification Requirements (Art)

As an art major preparing for K-12 certification, you must successfully complete EDU 347 Classroom Management for the Art Class­room, EDU 330 Technology in the Arts Classroom, and ART 347 A and 347 B Teaching of Art. You must also successfully complete a directed teaching experience (EDU 499-Directed Teaching).

(This program is undergoing departmental review and changes in the requirements are pending. Please contact your advisor for current update.)

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