The Bachelor of Arts degree program in Art Therapy is an interdisciplinary major combining art and psychology. This major prepares you for the field of art therapy and fulfills the prerequisite for graduate study. A master’s degree is required for accreditation by the American Art Therapy Association (A.A.T.A.) and professional registration as an art therapist.  Marygrove’s art therapy faculty members are regis­tered art therapists (A.T.R.) through the A.A.T.A. Students in this major take courses that will be appropriate for acceptance into Wayne State University's Art Therapy certification program (two levels).


The Bachelor of Arts, Interdisciplinary Art Therapy major requires 44 studio hours and 20 hours of Psychology, including the completion of the following components:

A. General Education Requirements


B. Studio Art Requirements
ART 111 Two-Dimensional Design and Color
ART 115 Drawing: Skills and Concepts
ART 210   Three-Dimensional Design
ART 211 Introduction to Computer Graphics: Computer Imaging
ART 221 Introduction to Computer Graphics: Graphic Design
ART 215 Life Drawing I
ART 300 or 400 level courses (at least 6 additional hours)
ART 496   Senior Workshop

C. Art Therapy Requirements
ART 235  Introduction to Art Therapy
ART 237 Readings in Art Therapy I
ART 238  Readings in Art Therapy II
ART 392 Observations in Art Therapy
ART 492 Practicum in Art Therapy

D. Psychology Requirements (20 hours)
PSY 205   Introduction to Psychology
PSY 330      Psychology of Adjustment
PSY 321      Introduction to Life-span Psychology
PSY 340   Abnormal Psychology

         and  two (2) of the following courses

PSY 240   Developmental Psychology
PSY 343      Adolescent Psychology
PSY 346      Aging Individual in Society  

E. Art History Requirements
AH 101      Looking At Art
AH 202      Wonders of World Art: Ancient to Modern
One additional Art History Course (total of 9 hours)

F. Major Interview with Portfolio must be passed after the completion of three of the core requirement courses in order for student to remain in the program as a major.



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