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Lourdes I. Torres, Ph.D.
Program Director
Madame Cadillac Building, Room 259
Direct: (313) 927-1363
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Theresa Jordan, M.A.
Madame Cadillac #127
Direct: (313) 927.1261

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Translation Certificate in Arabic

Arabic Overview


Translator, Study Abroad Advisor, Bilingual Assistant. Customer Representative, Court & School Mediator . Foreign Service Worker . Technical / Media Writer. Editor.  Proof-Reader . Court Reporter, Research Analyst, Consultant, Health Care Representative/ Patient Advocate, Personal Banker, Manager, Linguist .


You will be interested in an Arabic Translation Certificate if you have advanced Arabic proficiency and plan to pursue a translation career. This curriculum will prepare you for the American Translators Association (ATA) certification. You can also pursue this certificate if you wish to communicate more effectively in a multilingual work environment.


The Translation Certificate program is a five-course sequence taught online that will provide you with training to translate from Arabic into English. You will also gain some familiarity with oral interpretation.

You can seek admission to the Translation Certificate program if you have completed at least third-year college Arabic classes, or if you have native or near-native reading and writing proficiency in Arabic and English. A place­ment exam and an interview with the Program Director is also required to complete the admission process.

Translation workshops are open to all qualified students, including native and heritage speakers. Enrollment in a degree program is not necessary for these classes.


This program combines theory, practice, and professional training. To accomplish this, you have the option of completing a professional internship at the end of your regular coursework. These courses are taught online. Knowledge on the use of computer communications is necessary


Arabic Required Courses

To earn a Translation Certificate, you must complete each of the following courses with a grade of B or better:

ARA 400    Principles of Translation - online
ARA 401    Translation Workshop I - online
ARA 402    Translation Workshop II - online
ARA 403    Business Translation Workshop - online
ARA 488  Cooperative Field Experience

Arabic Course Descriptions

ARA 400                      Principles of Translation 3 hours
Prerequisite: Permission of the Modern Languages Department. Term: 1

Introduction to the Translation Certificate programs in French, Spanish, and Arabic. Survey of the main theories of translation and interpretation; methodology section dealing with the linguistic and cultural aspects of language transfer; professional component including an overview of career opportunities and current practices. Course taught in English.

ARA 401                      Translation Workshop I 3 hours
Prerequisite: Permission of the Modern Languages Department. Term: 1

Translation of journalistic, commercial, legal, and scientific texts from Arabic into English. Includes an overview of the Arabic language and a contrastive analysis of the two linguistic systems. Also introduces the interpretation process. Course taught in English and Arabic.

ARA 402                      Translation Workshop II 3 hours
Prerequisite: Permission of the Modern Languages Department. Term: 2

Continuation of Translation Workshop I. Also includes translations of contemporary excerpts from Arabic into English and practice tests from the American Translators Association. Course taught in English and Arabic.

ARA 403                      Business Translation Workshop 3 hours
Prerequisite: Permission of the Modern Languages Department. Term: 2

Translation of Arabic business texts into English. Texts include printed and online promotional and informational material, as well as various types of business correspondence and transactions.

ARA 488                      Cooperative Field Experience 4 hours
Prerequisites: For translation, ARA 400, 401, 402, and 403; for other bilingual field experience, permission of the Modern Languages Department. Term: varies

Opportunity for supervised field experience and preparation of a professional portfolio.

Gainful Employment

Gainful Employment information:  
Program length: 16 credit hours
Program costs:  
Tution 10,350
Fees 320
Books 750
Related Occupations: O*NET Codes
Interpreters and Translators 27-3091

Disclosures – For all schools, if the number of students who completed a GE Program during the award year was less than ten (10), for privacy reasons, the school should not disclose to the public:

  • Median debt amounts (Title IV debt, private educational loan debt, and debt from institutional financing)∙∙
  • On-time completion rate

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