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Student Teacher Resources


Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers

Professional Standards for Michigan Teachers

Adopted MAY, 2008 By SBE

  1. Subject Matter Knowledge-Base in General & Liberal Education
  2. Instructional Design & Assessment
  3. Curricular & Pedagogical Knowledge Aligned with State Resources
  4. Effective Learning Environments
  5. Responsibilities & Relationships to the School, Classroom and Student
  6. Responsibilities & Relationships to the Greater Community
  7. Technology Operations & Concepts
Portfolio Informaiton Guidelines

What is a Portfolio?
A portfolio is a collection of a student’s work that illustrates, defines and documents the student’s development over time. The content may show the development in a particular area, such as reading, writing or understanding scientific concepts. Or the portfolio may be used to show development in several areas, such as reading and writing in the sciences.

There are two types of portfolios most commonly used: the process portfolio and the showcase portfolio. The process portfolio contains more artifacts; for instance, a student may include a number of samples of written work in their original draft as well as how these samples appeared at various stages of revision. Or it might contain many examples of responses to reading selections, lesson plans, etc. The process portfolio is more casual than that of the showcase portfolio.

Portfolio Contents
Philosophy Statement:

  • What you believe about teaching
  • What you know and believe about children
  • What is the role of schools in society


An evaluation of your lab experience and learning. How these have influence your decision to teach (or your decision to continue teaching)


Journal Reflections

Articles of Interest

Instructional Resources

Bibliography Reference: Costantino, Patricia M. & Marie N. DeLorenzo, DEVELOPING A PROFESSIONAL TEACHING PORTFOLIO, A Guide for Success, Allyn and Bacon, Boston, 2002

Student Teaching

Student Teaching Process
Joan Littman
Madame Cadillac Bldg., Rm. 220
Marygrove College
8425 W. McNichols Road
Detroit, MI 48221-2599
Phone: 313.927.1454
Fax: 313.927.1414
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Arrange for an appointment to return three (3) completed applications to:

Admission to Student Teaching - Summary of Steps
Admittance to the provisional certification program does not constitute admittance to a student teaching experience. Admission to student teaching is contingent upon satisfying the requirements outlined below.

  1. An overall grade point average of 2.7 or better in courses taken at Marygrove College
  2. Completion of all professional certification and teaching discipline courses except student teaching
  3. Passing scores on all required MTTC tests
  4. Recommendation by an academic department and the Education Unit
  5. Health record clearance from a physician within six months of student teaching
  6. Admission form for student teaching signed by the advisor and presented to the Director of Student Teaching
  7. Review and approval by the Education Unit

Admission to Student Teaching - Steps
Now that you have completed the required professional courses in the educational sequence, the major and minor coursework and passed the competency tests - you are ready to apply for a school placement to student teach. Review the Policy and Procedures form and sign to verify that you will have completed the necessary preparation to be eligible for the term for which you are applying.

1. Carefully complete the attached application. Be particularly attentive to editing your work as well as the text of your teaching narrative and philosophy statement, because the application packet may be presented to your cooperating/mentor teacher before you have had an opportunity to meet with her/him. Occasionally, the school district and/or principal request this information.

2. Include three (3) current character reference letters from professional experiences and volunteer or youth related services, dated and on letterhead stationery.

3. Attach separate documentation of a TB test result (within the past 6 months).

4. Include a verification of time spent as an uncertified teacher, the level and/or discipline of your experience. The school district(s) may forward the information to my attention.

5. Verification of coursework (official transcripts) and MTTC testing results must be on file with the Griot, Sage, or certification office before the student teaching placement is confirmed.

6. Return three (3) copies of the completed application

7. Notification of your student teaching placement from the Marygrove College Director of Student Teaching (MC 220) is your approval to request a signature to register for Student Teaching. Undergraduate and post degree students register for EDU 499 (10 hours). Graduate Griot students register for EDU 699-OIG (10 hours). Graduate Sage students register for EDU 699-01S (10 hours).

The Director of Student Teaching is responsible for the arrangement and placement of teacher candidates in the schools. Students are asked not to confer with school districts; such placements cannot be honored. You will be notified when the placement IS official.

Student teaching is a full-time commitment. It includes five (5) full days a week. Marygrove College recommends that you neither take academic course work while student teaching nor that you have other work commitments that detract from the full-time service to a student teaching experience. Know that student teaching requires extensive amounts of preparation time.

You will be responsible for a student teaching seminar at Marygrove College every other Saturday morning from 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. beginning the first week of classes.

Current Student Teaching Application
Please contact student teaching secretary, Eugenia Willis, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a current student teaching application.

Teacher Recertification

18 Hour Recertification
Certified teachers are eligible for renewal and Professional Certification after completion of classes in an 18-hour planned program of study with one teacher preparation institution, along with completion of three years of successful teaching, following the date the provisional teaching certificate was issued. Students holding or working on an appropriate master’s degree may apply the first 18 hours of their degree program toward this. Non-degree students who wish to be recommended by Marygrove for renewal and then Professional Certification may enroll in the 18-hour Reading & Literacy Education Program or develop an 18-credit-hour planned program with the Teacher Certification Officer. This individually designed program may reflect classes taken to add a teaching endorsement or distance-learning graduate classes designed to enhance your teaching skills.

Note that a maximum of 6 credits of appropriate course work completed at another accredited college or university may be accepted as part of the 18-hour planned program.

Download the attached documents for further details on re-certification and the individually designed 18-hour planned program of study.

>> Individual 18 Hour Form (.pdf)

Reading & Literacy Education
Dr. C. Okezie, Chair, Education Department
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Core Courses:

  • EDU 530 (3) Technology in the Classroom
  • RDG 559 (3) Literature Based Approached to Reading Instruction
  • RDG 567 (3) The Writing Process in Literacy Development
  • EDU 524 (3) Principles of Classroom Management

12 Credits

Select 6 credits from:

  • EDU 537 (3) Curriculum Theory & Development
  • EDU 594 (3) Learning Differences: Multiple Intelligences
  • EDT 640 (3) Technology for Teachers

6 Selected Credits

See course listings under Professional Development for Teachers (link to professional development for teachers (graduate)/course listings (grey bar) for additional electives. Three (3) credits are accepted upon approval of program advisor.

>> Recertification Documents (pdf)
Forms to obtain provisional and professional teaching certificates.

>> Certificate Renewals
Link to Michigan Department of Education explanation of teaching certificates.

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