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Performing Arts Minor

The minor provides an opportunity to experience the performing arts in a larger, collective sense. The performing arts group minor consists of 24 hours of coursework selected from the following areas: music, dance, English and theater. A Performing Arts minor may include up to 12 credits from The Theatre Department at University of Detroit Mercy.

Required Core (12 credit hours)
TRE 161 Fundamentals of Acting 3 cr.
TRE 266 Production Technology 3 cr.
DAN 254 Movement for Actors & Singers 2 cr.
MUS 106A Voice Class I or private study 3 cr.

Electives to Complete Group Minor (12 credit hours)
Dance Electives:
DAN 180 Elementary Jazz 3 cr.
DAN 190 Elementary Tap 1 cr.
DAN 376 Intermediate/Advanced Tap 1 cr.
DAN 377 Intermediate/Advanced Jazz 1 cr.

Music Electives:
MUS 110 Private or Small Group Lessons: Beginning 1-3 cr.
MUS 111 Private Lessons: Intermediate 2-3 cr.
MUS 301 Lyric Theater 1 cr.

Theatre Electives:
TRE 132 (UDM 1320) Rehearsal/Productions 3 cr.
TRE 351 (UDM 3510) Acting Dynamics 3 cr.
TRE 355 (UDM 3550) Scene Study 3 cr.

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