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Initial Requirements

  • Pass the MTTC Basic Skills Exam
  • Hold an undergraduate degree (in progress for undergraduate students) with a teachable major and minor*
  • Be accepted by one of Marygrove's Admissions Offices and the specific program or the Marygrove College Education Unit

Graduate candidates are accepted via the Graduate Admissions Office. Post-degree and undergraduate students are accepted into the college via the Undergraduate Admissions Office and then into the Education Unit after having completed EDU 203 (The Teaching Profession), documentation that can be obtained from the Education Unit Secretary in Room 214, the MTTC Basic Skills Test, and an interview.

Field Observation and Practicum Work
Be prepared to do regular field observation and practicum work in all your methods classes. This involves time for observation and participation in school situations outside of scheduled methods classes.

  • Certifiable Disciplines: Elementary candidates must have a teaching major; a minor is strongly advised. Secondary candidates must have both a teaching major and teaching minor.

Dance - Major
Early Childhood Education - Group Minor
English - Major and Minor
French - Minor
History - Major and Minor
Integrated Science - Group Major
Language Arts - Group Major and Minor
Mathematics - Major and Minor
Social Studies - Group Major
Spanish - Minor
Special Education - Learning Disabilities

Art - Comprehensive Group Major, no minor required
Biology - Major & Minor
Chemistry - Minor & Major
Computer Info Systems - Major & Minor
Dance - Major
Economics - Minor
English - Major & Minor
History - Major & Minor
SMathematics - Major & Minor
Music - Comprehaensive Group Major
Political Science - Major & Minor
Sociology - Minor
Social Studies - Group Major
Spanish - Minor

* Not available to post-degree candidates.

Felony Conviction
The state of Michigan does not certify felons, and school districts are required to do a felony check before hiring someone to teach. You will be asked to sign a felony form before being accepted into a program. If your status should change during your certification program, you may be asked to leave the program.

Student Teaching
Marygrove College does not waive student teaching. Student teaching placements are approved and confirmed through the Director of Student Teaching.

Please note that before you may student teach all professional courses, required classes for your teaching major and minor, and the applicable MTTC competency tests must be passed.

Provisional Certification
A candidate’s credentials will be sent to the state of Michigan for provisional certification once the following elements have been completed and verified:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Required competency tests
  • All undergraduate coursework for teaching disciplines (major and minor where applicable) as specified in the Plan of Work **
  • Entire Marygrove College sequence of professional teaching courses
  • Confirmation of valid First Aid & CPR training
  • Completion of state mandated survey at end of student teaching placement.

** Marygrove College requires evidence that a teacher certification candidate has completed the necessary undergraduate coursework specified in the candidate’s Plan of Work. This reflects both the State of Michigan program approval of Marygrove’s certifiable disciplines, as well as the guidelines of the North Central Accreditation Association, which are followed by school districts. Please submit copies of all transcripts from other colleges showing courses applicable to your approved Plan of Work.


Plan of Work

Whichever of Marygrove’s programs for initial teacher certification you choose, all graduate and post-degree candidates will need a completed plan of work indicating:

  • Teaching Level (Elementary or Secondary)
  • Teaching Major (& Minor if desired) for Elementary Candidates
  • Teaching Major and Teaching Minor for Secondary Candidates
  • Professional teaching program (GRIOT, Post-Degree, SAGE)

The plan of work will outline those courses already taken (grade of C or better) which fulfill Marygrove College’s major and minor requirements and any courses needed to complete the major and minor.

Ultimately, you will possess transcript/s that support your teaching endorsements and meet the requirements of most school districts, because Marygrove’s recommendation to the state for a provisional teaching certificate confirms the candidate’s completion of the major and minor requirements as approved by the State of Michigan for Marygrove College.

While Marygrove does not require that you take the courses for your teaching discipline with us, we certainly encourage you to do so, as our programs are carefully designed to provide the knowledge necessary to pass MTTC competency tests. If you do choose to take classes elsewhere, you must achieve a grade of C or better in order for the class to be recognized as part of your teaching discipline. You will want to consult the designated contact in that discipline in order to guarantee that the courses you take elsewhere are equivalent to those you need.

Apply to the appropriate admissions office for the program desired (Graduate or Undergraduate/Post-Degree), and they will forward your materials to complete a plan of work. The process requires a $25 transcript-review fee and takes approximately two weeks to complete.

>> Policies and Procedures Handbook (pdf)
An important reference for all initial and continuing certification candidates.

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