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Performing Arts and Theatre

Performing Arts and Theatre

Susan Panek, Co-Chair
Liberal Arts Building‚ Room 203
Direct: (313) 927-1568
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Bachelor of Arts/Performing Arts
Minor/Performing Arts

Gwen Lindsay, M.F.A.
Leslie Love, M.F.A.
Susan Panek, B.F.A.,M.A.
Tara Sievers-Hunt, M.Mus.
Greg Grobis, MFA, UDM

Performing Arts and Theatre Overview


Entertainment business • Talent management • Dance performance • Music performance and composition • Acting • Production technology • Communications


Are you multi-talented? Do you like to perform? A Performing Arts major or minor will assist you in developing your multi-faceted talents and in understanding all the dimensions of a career in the performing arts. It will also prepare you for more specialized study in graduate work.

Performing Arts Major

The BA in Performing Arts is an individualized, interdisciplinary major across three departments: dance, music, and theatre. It is also a collaborative venture between two institutions; Marygrove College and the University of Detroit Mercy.

The performing arts major is a 60 credit individualized major combining coursework in dance, music and theatre. Because this is an interdisciplinary major, a minor is not required. A student selects one primary area of concentration with approximately 40 credits and two secondary areas to comprise an additional 15-20 credits. Auditions are required for each of the arts areas.

An interested student will meet with the co-chair of the Dance Department for an advisor to be assigned in the primary concentration. The advisor will work with the student and faculty from related disciplines to design the individual major. Courses for this interdisciplinary major are listed in the catalog sections of Dance, Music, English and Performing Arts and in the University of Detroit Mercy catalog online at

Performing Arts Minor

The minor provides an opportunity to experience the performing arts in a larger, collective sense. The performing arts group minor consists of 24 hours of course work selected from the following areas: music, dance, English and theater. A Performing Arts minor may include up to 12 credits from The Theatre Department at University of Detroit Mercy.

Required Core:                                                                            12 cr.

TRE 161 Fundamentals of Acting                                                  3 cr.

TRE 266 Production Technology                                                   3 cr.

DAN 254 Movement for Actors and Singers                                  2 cr.

MUS 106A Voice Class I or private study                                      3 cr.

Performance Requirement                                                            1 cr

Electives to Complete Group Minor                                          12 cr.


Dance Electives:

DAN 180 Elementary Jazz Dance                                                3 cr.

DAN 190 Elementary Tap Dance                                                  1 cr.

DAN 376 Intermediate/Advanced Tap Dance                               1 cr.

DAN 377 Intermediate/Advanced Jazz Dance                             1 cr.

Music Electives:

MUS 110 Private or Small Group Lessons: Beginning                 1-3 cr.

MUS 111 Private Lessons: Intermediate Level                             2-3 cr.

MUS 301 Lyric Theater                                                                 1 cr.

Theatre Electives:

TRE 132 Rehearsal/Productions (UDM, 1320)                            3 cr.                                           

TRE 351 Acting Dynamics (UDM, 3510)                                      3 cr.                                                                               

TRE 355 Scene Study       (UDM, 3550)                                      3 cr.

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