General Information

Marygrove College offers minors in Ethnic/Cultural Studies and African-American Studies and certificates in African-American Studies and Women’s Studies designed to foster inter-ethnic understanding and to provide a sound basis for educating students and interested others on the activities, contributions, and impact of African-Americans, Native-Americans, Asians, Arabs, Latinos, and Women on the Americas. This is essential in preparing students for a complex world, given the growing importance of diversity in the workplace and in society at large. The two minors and two certificate programs, though multi-disciplinary in nature, are offered through the Social Science Department.

Specific Information

The minor in Ethnic/Cultural Studies requires a minimum of 24 credit hours, including seven (7) core courses and one (1) elective course.

The minor in African-American Studies requires a minimum of 24 credit hours, including six (6) core courses, and two (2) electives courses.

The certificate programs in African-American Studies and in Women’s Studies require 18 credit hours each. The African-American Studies certificate requires five (5) core courses and one (1) elective. The Women’s Studies certificate requires four (4) core courses and two (2) electives. At the conclusion of your coursework, apply to the Social Science Group Major coordinator for the certificate.

The two minors and both certificates recommend two pre-requisites: LS 105 and SOC/POL 306.

Career Information

The two minors and two certificates can each serve as a useful background for individuals whose careers may involve extensive contact with diverse communities. Knowledge of various cultures improves career flexibility. Given the increasing diversity of the workplace, employers hire employees whose knowledge of ethnicity can benefit the organization by facilitating positive work relationships and improving productivity. An Ethnic/Cultural Studies program adequately prepares students to become these employees. If your major is social work, psychology, social science, allied health, or business, you can enhance and combine your career preparation with a minor in Ethnic/Cultural Studies or African-American Studies or a certificate in either African-American Studies or Women’s Studies.

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