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Ethnic/Cultural Studies Minor

Consisting of survey courses in African-American, Native American, Women, Latin American, Asian and Arab studies, this program offers a broad-based curriculum in general studies in which students will learn essential information to help them understand diversity and multicultural environments.

The requirements for an Ethnic/Cultural Studies minor are 24 credit hours.

A. Required Core Courses
HIS 311 History of Blacks in America to 1865
HIS 312 History of Blacks in America since 1865
HUM 330 Arab and Asian Humanities
HUM 332 Latin American Humanities
POL/SOC 306 Ethnic & Racial Diversity
PSY 320 Psychology of Women

B. Elective Courses
Select three electives
AH 350 Black Art
DAN 379 Ethnic Dance
ENG 222 Introduction to African-American Literature
ENG 370 Literature by Women
GEO 301 Cultural Geography
HIS 335 Women in U. S. History
HIS/POL 359 History of Civil Rights
HUM 150 Contemporary Cultural Studies
HUM 333A African Humanities I
HUM 333B African Humanities II
IS 324B Social Justice Seminar: Global Women’s Issues
PHL 276 Critical Thinking: Voices of the African Diaspora
POL 308 Contemporary Indian Issues
POL 309 Ethnicity in Urban America
POL 315 Third World Politics
POL 318 Global Women’s Issues and Policies
POL/320 African-American Politics
PSY/SOC 360 Social Psychology
RS 150 Religion in the World
RS 226 Black Religion in the Americas
SOC 345 Sociology of the Family