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Accounting Course Descriptions

ACC 224  Principles of Accounting I 4 hours
Prerequisite: BUS 173; Term: 1

Study of the fundamental principles applicable to the accounting cycle-income determination, the use of working papers and financial reporting. Primary emphasis on journals, journal entries and financial statements of sole proprietorship.

ACC 234  Principles of Accounting II 4 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 224; Term: 2

Continuation of theory and principles-applications to investments, branch accounting, partnerships and corporations, and fundamental cost accounting.

ACC 324  Intermediate Accounting I 4 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 234; Term: 1

Study of problems involved in the definition and measurement of assets, liabilities and stockholder’s equity. Emphasis on income determination.

ACC 334  Managerial Accounting 4 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 234; Term: 1

Examination of the classification, accumulation, distribution and control of manufacturing and service costs; job order and process systems. Emphasis on cost analysis and data reports as management tools.

ACC 344  Intermediate Accounting II 4 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 324; Term: 2

Continuation of the study of accounting principles and procedures with emphasis on liabilities, corporate capital and income determination. Preparation and use of special statements in the accounting process.

ACC 354  Federal Income Tax Accounting 4 hours
Prerequisites: ACC 234, BUS 304, junior standing or permission of instructor; Term: 2

Basic application of the Internal Revenue Code to personal and business income.

ACC 385  Business Applications Using Excel 3 hours
Prerequisites:  CIS 210, bus 173, or permission of instructor; May be offered in alternate years

Explores advanced techniques in Business and Accounting applications using Excel software. Students are exposed to practical examples suitable for professional purposes and personal use. Uses an exercise-oriented approach that allows learning by doing. Cross-listed with BUS 385. Course will be offered pending approval by the Curriculum Review Committee.

ACC 413  Intermediate Accounting III 3 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 344; Term: 3

A consideration of partnerships, consolidations; purchase and pooling accounting; fund accounting and accounting for multinational enterprises.

ACC 444  Accounting Information Systems 3 hours
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

The study of accounting systems and controls; review of internal controls as required by the second auditing standard for field work. Application of statements on auditing standards related to accounting systems and controls.

ACC  451       Auditing 3 hours
Prerequisite: ACC 224

The course will provide the student with the basics of computer applications of popular accounting software. Course content will include an emphasis on the relationship among components of an accounting system and the use of computer technology in the maintenance and reporting of accounting information. Approved by the Michigan State Board of Accountancy.