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Honors students will complete all of the regular educational requirements and expectations of the College and their individual programs. Of the total credit hours taken at Marygrove College, at least 24 credit hours must be taken for Honors credit, distributed as follows:

  1. An introductory, 100-level Honors Seminar (not required of transfer students).
  2. A 300-level Honors Seminar.
  3. At least 12 credits of coursework at the 300 or 400 level taken as Honors Options. Courses designed with an Honors Option component require Honors students to fulfill all the requirements and expectations of the standard syllabus of the course, and to perform specific additional work beyond the standard curriculum. Such work should:
    • Demonstrate initiative beyond syllabus expectations;
    • Display originality in handling subject matter;
    • Produce a tangible, demonstrable outcome beyond stated expectations;
    • Incorporate a process of extended inquiry and/or independent research.
    • Examples of the specific requirements to be completed by students to earn Honors credit include supplementary readings, reports, or projects; attendance at appropriate related educational activities; independent research or self- instruction; and classroom or professional presentations or performances. Each semester’s class schedule contains the courses offered for Honors Option credit; to register for these courses, students need an Honors Option Agreement Form, available from the course instructor.
  4. A Senior Seminar taken for Honors Option credit.
  5. A Study Abroad, Domestic Exchange, or Service Learning experience.
  6. Each term, Honors students should take part in at least two co-curricular activities such as lectures, exhibits, concerts, demonstrations, panel discussions, conferences, workshops, in- service experiences, recitals, plays, readings, media events, hearings, legislative sessions, field observations, and discussion groups. These should meet one or more of the following criteria:
    • the activity enhances or deepens appreciation, learning, or understanding,
    • expands or develops a curricular subject,
    • updates progress in a field,
    • provides a forum for discourse and opinion,
    • broadens one’s cultural sensibilities,
    • promotes the cross-curricular emphases of Marygrove College,
    • provides access to innovators and leaders in a field, or
    • generates new connections or new ways of seeing things.
  7. Students in the Honors Program must be full-time students.
By addressing the needs of Marygrove students for challenges appropriate to a spirit of advanced intellectual inquiry, the Honors Program is designed to increase the advantages and benefits inherent in a traditional liberal arts education.