Williams, Theodora

  • Assistant Professor of Business and CIS


  • Office Location: Madame Cadillac Building, MC 205
  • Hours: Office hours may vary, but are typically observed on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.
  • Telephone: (313) 927-1572
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Theodora Williams is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business and Computer Information Systems (CIS) at Marygrove College.  Beginning as an adjunct at Marygrove, Professor Williams joined the ranks of full-time faculty in 2008.  A great deal of her professional life has been spent in higher education, teaching as well as assuming leadership roles in human resources management.  She has worked in administration, compensation, training and development, organizational analysis and development, and employee relations.  She has taught courses in business management, human resources management, labor relations, information systems management, training and development, and managerial communications, as well as software applications courses.

Personal Interests:  Cooking, Music, Movie Classics, and Travel

For Fall term 2011:  Tuesdays, 2-4 pm , on-line hours; Thursdays, 3-5 pm, in office, or by appointment.

Classes Taught

Undergraduate:  IS 100 Liberal Arts Seminar; IS 322A Human Communication and Technology Seminar; BUS 323 Human Resource Management; BUS 382 Business & Professional Ethics; BUS 496 Business Senior Seminars; CIS 496 Information Systems II:  Strategies & Management.

Graduate:  HRM 517 Managerial Communications; HRM 519 Human Resource Planning & Information Systems; HRM 535 Human Resource Management; HRM 635 Employee Development.

Teaching Philosophy:  To encourage students to become urban leaders, it is important to empower them by setting behavioral standards.  Behaviors such as professionalism, preparedness and an emphasis on academic rigor and critical thinking encourage students to become aware of topical events that are relevant to course material; to apply theories learned in class, and to be aware of the ethical, economic, legal and social implications of these topics so that they can become responsible civic and corporate citizens. I believe that the classroom is a place where dialogue can and should take place as a means of instilling a sense of inquiry by exploring textbook materials and course content and then applying those concepts to real life experiences.  Therefore, I see myself not only as a teacher/scholar, but as a guide and facilitator on this quest for knowledge.  The classroom should be a learning community which encourages analytical thinking, encourages participants to speak freely in a non-judgmental environment and which aids retention of knowledge.

Education:   Holding both a Bachelor’s degree and Master of Science in Information Systems degree from Roosevelt University (Chicago),   Theodora has worked in both the public and private sector before finding her niche in academe.

Research interests focus on improving student performance through teaching effectiveness, the integration of technology into the classroom, as well as  the transition of professional practitioners into the professoriate.


Laurie LePain Kopack

Administrative Assistant

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