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Institute of Music & Dance Mission Statement

The Institute of Music & Dance (IMD) at Marygrove College is a school of the arts. It provides students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds with high quality, developmentally appropriate programs in music, dance, theater, visual arts, and other performing arts disciplines. The purpose of the IMD is to nurture and harness creativity, strengthen technical and performance skills, and heighten artistic awareness.

IMD Recognized by Detroit City Council

On October 12, 2010, the Detroit City Council recognized the Institute of Music and Dance at Marygrove College for its distinguished service to the community through a Testimonial Resolution signed by Council President, Charles Pugh along with other members of the City Council.

The resolution states: "That the Detroit City Council recognizes and acknowledges the Institute of Music and Dance at Marygrove College with accolades for their many years of artistic service to the community, and extends best wishes for continued success in their role of enhancing the arts."

IMD Director, Judith Molina, is thrilled and encouraged by this wonderful honor. "Our mission, at the Institute of Music and Dance at Marygrove College, is to artistically educate and enlighten young and old in the passion of the arts. Enhancing lives through the discipline and beauty of the arts helps build respect for self and community. This acknowledgment is a testament to the importance of the arts in building our city and leaders of tomorrow."

The IMD prides itself on its outreach to the community as well as its collaboration with other arts organizations. It is also grateful to a number of funding agencies, including the Erb Foundation, Kresge Foundation, the James and Lynelle Holden Fund and Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, who have supported its mission. Ms. Molina also wishes to thank Eunice Jeffries, the parent of IMD students Camille and Jasmine Jeffries, who nominated the IMD for this prestigious recognition.

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