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General Information
The M.Ed. graduate reading program has been in operation since 1966. Practicum experience is provided through the Marygrove College Learning Clinic, which has served the metropolitan area since 1951.

The present program is designed to provide advanced study in theories of literacy development that will prepare its graduates to serve in leadership roles as reading teachers, reading specialists, or as reading clinicians in public, private, or parochial school settings. Flexibility within the program provides opportunities for students from differing backgrounds to acquire specific skills and knowledge to meet their individual needs.

Reading is viewed as a developmental process guided by the learner’s experiential background, self-perception, cultural identity, and the context for learning. Courses recognize issues of gender, ethnicity, multiculturalism and global perspectives, and how the diversity of learners in multiple and varied environments impact learning. These issues are examined and addressed through instructional design, varied selection of materials and media, and the use of multiple assessment measures for evaluation of student learning. Students receive practical experiences in diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities. Courses in other disciplines enable students to develop greater awareness of the impact of social contexts on learning.

Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to become more knowledgeable, skillful practitioners, and to become capable leaders of reading and literacy development.

Specific Program Information
Program applicants must already have an elementary or secondary teaching certificate to qualify for the endorsement. Completion of the Master Degree Reading Program is required in order to be eligible for the Reading Endorsement. Certified teachers may elect to take only the 18-hour Professional Certification Program. Final decisions regarding the applicability of specific courses are determined by the program coordinator.

Six graduate credits may be transferred provided they are not over 10 years old by the time the student completes the program, and the transfer course(s) is an equivalent of a course(s) required in the program.

Admissions Requirements
Applicants must meet all of the general graduate admission requirements (see the “Graduate Admissions” section of this catalog). Applicants MUST have an elementary or secondary teaching certificate.

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