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Reading & Literacy Overview


The Masters of Education (M.Ed.) in Reading leading to a Reading Specialist [BR] Endorsement (K-12) program provides advanced study in theories of literacy development that prepares graduates to serve in leadership roles as reading teachers, reading specialists/literacy coaches, or reading clinicians in public, private, or parochial school settings.

Reading is viewed as a developmental process guided by the learner’s experiential background, self-perception, cultural identity, and the context for learning. Courses lead students to recognize and explore how issues of gender, ethnicity, multiculturalism, diversity, and global perspectives impacts learners in varied environments. These issues are addressed through instructional design, selection of evidenced based materials and media, and the use of multiple assessment measures for evaluation of student learning. Students receive practical experience in diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities. 

Successful completion of the program prepares graduates to become more knowledgeable, skillful, capable leaders of reading and literacy development.


Applicants must meet all of the general graduate admission requirements (see the “Graduate Admissions” section of this catalog).  Applicants MUST have an elementary or secondary teaching certificate.


To complete the Master of Education in Reading leading to a Reading Specialist Endorsement [BR] (K-12), students must complete 30 credits of approved coursework including a 4 credit research project and a 4 credit clinical practicum.  

Required Courses (16 credits) 

RDG 509 Psychology of Literacy Development (3)

RDG 557 Methods for Teaching Intermediate and Secondary Reading (3) -OR-

RDG 559 Literature Based Approaches to Reading Instruction (3)

RDG 564 Methods in Elementary Reading and Language Arts (3)

RDG 567 The Writing Process in Literacy Development (3)

RDG 639 Research in Reading and Curriculum Development (4)

Courses for Reading Specialist Endorsement  (14 credits)

RDG 609 Diagnostic Techniques in Reading Instruction (3)

RDG 619 Prescriptive Techniques for Reading Instruction (3)

RDG 649 Seminar for Reading Specialists (3)

RDG 669 Clinical Practicum in Reading (4)

RDG 691 Independent Study: Reading & Technology (1)

The Reading Specialist Endorsement, granted by the State of Michigan after successful program completion and College recommendation, requires a passing score on the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC) Reading Specialist subject area test. For more information visit:

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