18 Hour Planned Program


Select a minimum of 12 credit hours of course work from among Reading (RDG) courses and 6 credit hours of course work from Education (EDU) courses in consultation with the program coordinator.

*Select 12 credit hours from the following reading courses:
RDG 509 Psychology of Literacy Development
RDG 519 Language and Cognitive Development
RDG 559 Literature Based Approaches to Reading Instruction
RDG 567 The Writing Process in Literacy Development
RDG 609 Diagnostic Techniques in Reading Instruction
RDG 619 Prescriptive Techniques for Reading Instruction

*Select six credit hours from the following courses:
EDU 524 Principles of Classroom Management
EDU 530 Technology in the Classroom
EDU 556 Language Development and Disorders
EDU 640 Technology Tools for Teachers

* Other courses may be substituted with permission of the program coordinator.

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