RDG 500 Foundations of Reading & Literacy


This course provides teachers with a comprehensive knowledge base in the reading process and facility with the most effective instructional and assessment techniques. Based on research with internationally recognized reading specialists, this course enables participants to identify effective theories and principles for teaching reading in the five major components of the reading process — literacy, phonemic awareness and phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension — and to apply the most effective instructional plans, methods and resources in their practice. In addition, the course focuses on methods for assessing reading progress in individuals and groups and ideas for differentiating instruction for diverse learners. 


Participants will be able to: 

• Examine issues related to motivating students to read and create physical spaces that support reading and writing and critical thinking 

• Explore the research foundation and instructional implications of effective literacy practices including the five areas of reading identified as key to reading success 

• Examine elements of effective teaching and learning as they come together in one instructional sequence and focus on how to improve their instructional techniques 

• Plan instructional strategies and techniques based on students’ needs, teach while checking for understanding and reflect based on evidence of student achievement 

Classes Begin March 14

MAT classes begin March 14, 2016

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