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EDU 622 Meeting the Needs of All Students

This course focuses on planning and organizing for meeting the differentiation needs of students in the mixed ability classroom. It takes seriously that students have different means for acquiring information, processing information, and developing products to show what they have learned. Participants study the differentiating instruction model of lesson content, the processes used in lessons, and the products of lessons within the context of students’ learning preferences, readiness, and interests. Course participants apply differentiation strategies in their classrooms to strengthen their instructional practices and commitment to meeting the diverse learning needs of their students.



Participants will be able to: 

• Explain and demonstrate what it means to teach responsively 

• Deepen understanding of student variance and apply strategies to support cognitive impairments, difficulties attending to task, learning disabilities, English language learners, above-average abilities and students who are at risk of failure 

• Identify, examine and apply the nine attitudes and skills of teaching that help all learners 

• Employ classroom management techniques that allow for flexible instruction and support responsive teaching 

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