AIE 630 Creativity and Innovation

The focus of this course will be on teaching participants effective ways to integrate the arts (music, movement/dance, theater, visual representation) into core content areas to increase student engagement and foster problem solving.

Essential Questions

  • How do creative people solve problems?
  • What is the difference between creativity and innovation?
  • How can teachers foster a paradigm shift toward creativity and innovation without abandoning classroom management?

Learning Outcomes

  • Teach process and products in content area classroom
  • Demonstrate four umbrella concepts
    • Shared Authority
    • Reflective Practice (meta-cognition, performance assessment)
    • Inquiry-Based learning (talk)
    • Building a community of Learners
  • Communicate effectively about & through the arts
  • Employ critical thinking & problem solving
  • Use the arts as motivator to improve student engagement


  • Courses in ET 21 strand are for teachers of K-12 students.
  • All courses are 3 credit hours.
  • ET 21 students take 2 tech courses (3 credits each).
  • Tech students take 2 more courses in Tech.
  • Classroom students take the other 2 courses.
  • All ET 21 students will have a 30-hour master's degree.

Classes Begin May 9

MAT classes begin May 9, 2016

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