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Core Courses

Core Courses

The 6 Core Courses

  • EDU 568 Teacher as Leader 
  • EDU 622 Meeting the Needs of All Students 
  • EDU 570 Instructional Design 
  • EDU 618 Effective Assessment 
  • EDU 501 Teacher as Researcher 
  • EDU 5604 Evidence-Based Interventions 

EDU 568 Teacher as Leader

This course provides an overview and examination of the foundational knowledge, current practices, and research related to teachers as leaders. The course addresses application and practices that develop competencies and behaviors that teachers need to become teacher leaders. Participants become reflective practitioners as they study the current state of education and many of the leading reform efforts. They learn and apply leadership strategies in their classrooms and communities. Participants explore theories as they may relate to the forces reshaping their schools. Topics such as organizational models, characteristics of leadership, change systems, vision development, and school design may be investigated. Participants set personal goals outlining ways they can create lasting change within the education profession through strengthening their instructional practice and commitment to student learning and achievement.

EDU 622 Meeting the Needs of All Students

This course focuses on planning and organizing for meeting the differentiation needs of students in the mixed ability classroom. It takes seriously that students have different means for acquiring information, processing information, and developing products to show what they have learned. Participants study the differentiating instruction model of lesson content, the processes used in lessons, and the products of lessons within the context of students’ learning preferences, readiness, and interests. Course participants apply differentiation strategies in their classrooms to strengthen their instructional practices and commitment to meeting the diverse learning needs of their students.


EDU 570 Instructional Design

This course establishes a comprehensive way for teachers to engage in unit planning and instructional design. Participants integrate assessment into their planning and crate a sequence of learning experiences that logically and meaningfully help students meet required learning goals. In addition, participants align their instructional design to state and local standards.

EDU 618 Effective Assessment

This course begins with the basics of classroom assessment, then goes on to discuss the principles behind using assessment to differentiate instruction.  Participants create a variety of assessments to evaluate different types of student work and inform teacher’s instructional practices to improve student learning.

EDU 501 Teacher as Researcher

This course provides the opportunity for teachers to: reflect on and assess their teaching; explore and test new ideas, methods and materials; assess the effectiveness of the new approaches; share feedback with others; and make decisions about which new approaches to include in their classroom practices. Participants complete an individual research project aimed at a particular problem specific to their classroom situation that addresses student achievement. Next, participants engage in action research, data analysis and creation and implementation of a plan of intervention based upon their research findings.

EDU 5604 Evidence-Based Interventions

This course is designed to help the classroom teacher develop methods to assess students who are not succeeding and identify, implement and assess interventions to help those students. This course also builds upon content introduced in EDU 622 Meeting the Needs of All Students to prepare participants to assess effects of instruction on student performance. Emphasis is placed on theories and practical concepts related to differentiation of instruction and assessment in order to meet the needs of a wide range of learners, including those in special education. Response to Intervention (RTI) will be discussed in terms of structuring individual, small group and whole group instruction.

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