Special Education Course Descriptions


SED 355 Pre-professional Practicum in Learning Disabilities 3 hours
Prerequisites: SED 364, SED 365
Thirty-five hours of supervised observation and participation with students labeled learning disabled in a school or community setting; seminar discussion of theories of learning disabilities, ethical issues, and development of personal theoretical framework.

SED 364 Characteristics of Students with Learning Disabilities 3 hours
Prerequisites: SED 250, Admission to Teacher Certification Program or
Permission of Instructor
Emphasis on the etiology, legal definition and regulations, the negative effects on learning and curriculum methods and techniques used to facilitate remediation. Research dealing with multicultural influences on diagnosis, as well as social organization and structure.

SED 365 Teaching Students with Disabilities 3 hours
Prerequisites: SED 250, SED 364; completion of regular education methods courses
Methods and techniques for the educational needs of students with mild disabilities. Psychological information about group and individual; strategies for achieving integration in regular education; organizational structure of the school, and strategies for teaching reading, math, and study skills.

SED 366 Assessment of the Exceptional Child 3 hours
Prerequisite: EDU 241
Educational assessment of exceptional individuals, focusing on both standard and alternative measures, appropriate and effective use of test results, and multiple methods of documenting mastery of curriculum/goals and objectives.

SED 370 Students With Disabilities: School, Family, 3 hours and Community Interaction
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification Program
Develop flexible theoretical frameworks, practical skills and sensitivity in working with families of students with disabilities. Theoretical bases for current approaches to supporting families, anomalies and challenges presented by the growing diversity of U.S. society, development of a critical awareness of formal and informal supports for families.

SED 373 Assistive Technology in Special Education 3 hours
Prerequisite: EDU 330
Introduces the use of adaptive technology, methods for linking technology and instruction of students with special needs, techniques for selecting and utilizing computer based instructional programs, and methods for developing interactive instructional materials.

SED 375 IEP Development 3 hours
Prerequisite: Admission to Teacher Certification Program
Covers prereferral and referral processes, assessment, plans, eligibility criteria for services, due process, and development of the individual education plan (IEP). Includes transition, consideration of assistive technology needs, modifications, functional behavior analyses and intervention plans.

SED 376 Classroom Management and Intervention Strategies for 3 hours Students with Disabilities
Prerequisite: EDU 324
Create and manage productive and positive classroom environments. Examine the roles of teachers in preventing and minimizing problem behaviors, as well as in utilizing behavioral difficulties as learning opportunities. Preventing and maintaining prosocial behavior and applying supports through functional behavior assessment and intervention planning. Develop an understanding of the larger social contexts of behavior management and social control.

SED 425 Teaching Language Arts to Students with Disabilities 3 hours
Prerequisite: SED 365
Offers a wide range of research based, multisensory, technology-enhanced strategies and techniques for teaching reading, spelling, and written expression skills in an integrated process. Includes practicum.

SED 450 Teaching Mathematics to Students With Disabilities 3 hours
Prerequisite: SED 365
Introduces approaches to teaching and assessing mathematics for special needs students. Learn to examine, evaluate, and apply teaching approaches used in both general and special education settings.

SED 456 Language Development and Disorders 3 hours
Prerequisite: EDU 240
Relationship of language development and psycholinguistics to the child’s motor, emotional, and cognitive development. Special reference to the educational process and difficulties of students with learning disabilities. Focus on teaching strategies and multi-media approaches.

SED 496 Special Education Senior Seminar 3 hours
Prerequisites: Senior status, Admission to Teacher Certification Program
Examine trends and issues facing special educators. Emphasis on current problems that affect students with disabilities.

SED 499 LD Student Teaching 4-6 hours
Prerequisites: Admission to student teaching, completion of EDU 499
Observation and guided full-time, 8-12 week professional laboratory experience in public, private, or community setting with students labeled LD for six credit hours.

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