Sacred Music Certificate

The certificate program in sacred music at Marygrove College is designed to offer training which will prepare the candidate for effective professional activity in the field of church music. Courses toward the certificate program may be elected for non-credit or credit. Auditions are required for admission to the program, since the curriculum is proficiency based.

Completion of requirements is contingent upon fulfilling specified proficiency levels. Persons with previous background may be able to waive courses where competency is demonstrated.

Courses required for the Certificate in Sacred Music include:

MUS 123                      3 cr.            Written Theory I
MUS 124                      3 cr.            Written Theory II
MUS 123A                    1 cr.            Ear Training I
MUS 124B                    1 cr.            Ear Training II
MUS 105                      3 cr.            Encounters with Music 
MUS 204/404               1 cr.            Foundations in Ringing
MUS 424                      3 cr.            Congregational Music of the Christian Church
MUS 399A                    3 cr.            Conducting I
MUS 399B                    3 cr.            Conducting II
MUS 350                      3 cr.            Choral Literature
MUS 410                      3 cr.            Hymn Playing/Anthem and Soloist Accompaniment

*Minimum 8 credits in Private Organ Lessons

**Minimum 4 credits in Private Voice Lessons

**3 credits in Religious Studies

Study beyond the above beginning courses will lead to intermediate and advanced levels, which are required for certification by the American Guild of Organists. Courses from the certificate program may be applied toward a Bachelor of Music degree.