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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs

At Marygrove College, we understand that the job market is constantly changing and that professionals continually seek help to keep a professional edge. One way to maintain that edge is to become certified in an area of expertise. Certifications are documents vouching for the fact that you have met a standard in educational degree, continuing education, experience, and testing. Certifications vary by type and industry. Many professions (such as accounting and teaching) require ongoing certification while many technical or vocational fields require certifications based on a set of core courses.

Marygrove offers 13 areas of certification to help you gain the professional knowledge and experience you need to help you determine your own professional destiny. Why not find out more about one of the certifications that interests you?


Certificate in African-American Studies

A certificate in African-American Studies requires 18 credit hours, including:

A. Required Courses
POL/SOC 307 Introduction to Ethnic/Cultural Studies
HIS 311 History of Blacks in America to 1865
HIS 312 History of Blacks in America since 1865
HIS 359 History of Civil Rights
POL 320 Afro-American Politics

Select one elective from the African- American Studies core courses or electives lists.


Certificate in Women's Studies

This certificate program has been designed for students interested in learning about the roles, perspectives, and contributions of women in an interdisciplinary context. The curriculum consists of courses offered in the social sciences, English, and the humanities. It provides students opportunities to consider women’s past history, present conditions, and future possibilities, and to understand gender as a cultural practice.

Post-Degree Certificate in Accounting

The following courses are required for the Certificate of Completion in Accounting:
BUS 173     Introduction to Business
ACC 224     Principles of Accounting I
ACC 234     Principles of Accounting II
ACC 324     Financial Accounting I
ACC 334     Cost Accounting
ACC 344     Financial Accounting II

Eighteen of the hours must be taken at Marygrove Col­lege. Persons with special skills or needs may establish an individualized program upon consultation with and approval of the business department head.


Sacred Music Certificate

The certificate program in sacred music at Marygrove College is designed to offer training which will prepare the candidate for effective professional activity in the field of church music. Courses toward the certificate program may be elected for non-credit or credit. Auditions are required for admission to the program, since the curriculum is proficiency based.

Completion of requirements is contingent upon fulfilling specified proficiency levels. Persons with previous background may be able to waive courses where competency is demonstrated.

Courses required for the Certificate in Sacred Music include:

MUS 123                      3 cr.            Written Theory I
MUS 124                      3 cr.            Written Theory II
MUS 123A                    1 cr.            Ear Training I
MUS 124B                    1 cr.            Ear Training II
MUS 105                      3 cr.            Encounters with Music 
MUS 204/404               1 cr.            Foundations in Ringing
MUS 424                      3 cr.            Congregational Music of the Christian Church
MUS 399A                    3 cr.            Conducting I
MUS 399B                    3 cr.            Conducting II
MUS 350                      3 cr.            Choral Literature
MUS 410                      3 cr.            Hymn Playing/Anthem and Soloist Accompaniment

*Minimum 8 credits in Private Organ Lessons

**Minimum 4 credits in Private Voice Lessons

**3 credits in Religious Studies

Study beyond the above beginning courses will lead to intermediate and advanced levels, which are required for certification by the American Guild of Organists. Courses from the certificate program may be applied toward a Bachelor of Music degree. 

Pharmacy Technician Overview



According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of Pharmacy Technicians is expected to increase by 32 percent from 2010-2020, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. In Michigan alone 527 new jobs are expected to be created every year through 2020 (24% increase). This innovative one-year certificate program was designed meet this specific need.


Marygrove College offers a one year, cohort based, credit certificate that prepares students to become Pharmacy Technicians. This is a three consecutive semester program that begins in September and January. Students who complete the program and pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam will be qualified to work in pharmacies across the country and in Michigan as nationally certified Pharmacy Technicians.


  • Qualifies students to be able to sit for the National Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s national exam and begin working with pharmacists immediately;
  • Is an excellent program for students who need to quickly retrain for a new career due to a layoff or other economic hardship;
  • Offers exceptional personal attention from faculty and staff and the faculty are pharmacists (not pharmacy technicians).
  • Classes are offered at convenient times allowing students to keep daytime jobs.
  • The Pharmacy Technician program’s 24 credit hours (excludes the externship) are applicable to a Marygrove College associate’s or bachelor’s degree program when the student pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. 


Marygrove College has lowered this program’s tuition rate to keep this unique career training program affordable and we also encourage students to apply for federal and state financial aid.*

*The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form is required to determine eligibility for all federal and state financial aid programs and most of Marygrove College’s aid programs. To learn more about financial aid and to apply, visit the Financial Aid site ( or call 313-927-1692.

Program Requirements


Complete the Undergraduate Admissions Application via paper or online; submit the $25 application fee; provide a copy of your high school transcripts or GED test scores; and official transcripts from all previous colleges attended.

Academic Requirements

The Pharmacy Technician program requires a minimum of 24 credit hours and a 3 or 6 credit hour internship to complete.


Certificate in Child Welfare

For specific requirements and courses‚ please refer to section entitled Child Welfare in this catalog.

Certificate Program in Computer Graphics

The 18-credit hour computer graphics certificate program is designed for post-degree art majors who are interested in a general introduction to the field and more in-depth experiences in computer-assisted image production.

Using the Macintosh environment, these students study paint/draw processes, electronic page layout and scanning techniques. Emphasis is given to skill-building and developing a digital aesthetic.

Post-Degree Certificate in Business

The following courses are required for the Certificate of Completion in Business:

BUS 173  Introduction to Business
ACC 224 Principles of Accounting I
ACC 234  Principles of Accounting II
BUS 266  Principles of Organization and Management
BUS 302  Principles of Marketing
BUS 304  Business Law I

Fifteen hours must be taken at Marygrove College. Persons with special skills or needs may establish an individualized program upon consultation with and approval of the business department head. This certifi­cate may be earned while pursuing a second major or second degree.

Certificate in Detroit Studies

The undergraduate certificate in Detroit Studies consists of at least sixteen hours of interdisciplinary coursework devoted to analysis of metropolitan Detroit.

Courses may include:

HIS 310                      Metro Detroit through Three Centuries
POL/SW/SOC 385     Community and Organizational Change
IS 320                         Detroit: An Interdisciplinary Seminar
ENG 333                     Detroit in Literature
HIS/POL 496               Senior Research Seminar, Topics in Detroit History and Politics

Other courses in development


Certificate in Gerontology


The total credit hour requirement for the certificate is 16 hours, including:

A. Required Courses

SW 200 A            Special Topics: Substance Abuse                          2 hours
SW 237/537        Physical Aspects of Aging                                       2 hours
*SW 299              Pre-professional Practicum                                     3 hours
SW 378/578        Policies and Services for Older Persons                 2 hours
SW 410/610        Working with Older Adults                                        2 hours
PSY 346/546       Aging Individual in Society                                        3 hours

*To be arranged with approval of the director of the gerontology program.

B. Elective Courses

Select a minimum of two credit hours from the following courses:

BIO 141                 Nutrition Through the Life Cycle                            3 hours
EDU 390/590         The Adult Learner                                                  3 hours
PSY 348                 Death and Dying                                                    3 hours
RS 384                   Faith and Human Development                             3 hours
SOC 306                Ethnic and Racial Diversity                                    3 hours
SW 325                  Professional Communication                                 4 hours
SW 200 C               Working with Mental Illness                                   2 hours


Teaching Certification

Teaching is an especially demanding, yet particularly rewarding profession. Few careers ask so much of a person’s character and creativity, and few professions give as much satisfaction in return. Teacher certification provides professional opportunities for teaching in public, parochial, and private schools, grades K-12.

Judy Alhamisi, Ed.D.
Steffanie Bowles, Ph.D.
Mary Katherine Hamilton, IHM, Ed.D.
Vivian Johnson, Ph.D.
Chukwunyere Okezie, Ph.D.
James Rivard, Ed.D.
Chenfeng Zhang, Ph.D.

Arabic Translator Certification

Lourdes Torres, Ph.D.
Madame Cadillac Building, Rm 357
Phone: 313.927.1363

Program Offered
Translation Certificate in Arabic


French Translator Certificiation

Required Courses
Students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of B or better.

FRE 400 Principles of Translation
FRE 401 Translation Workshop I
FRE 402 Translation Workshop II
FRE 403 Business Translation Workshop
FRE 488 Cooperative Field Experience

Spanish Translator Certification

This is a five-course sequence that will provide you with training to translate from Spanish into English. You will also gain some familiarity with oral interpretation, and you will have the opportunity to complete an internship.

Required Courses

Students must complete each of the following courses with a grade of B or better.
SPA 400 Principles of Translation
SPA 401 Translation Workshop I
SPA 402 Translation Workshop II
SPA 403 Business Translation Workshop
SPA 488 Cooperative Field Experience

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