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Certificate in Gerontology

The total credit hour requirement for the certificate is 16 hours, including:

A. Required Courses
SW 200 A Special Topics: Substance Abuse 2 hours
SW 237/537 Physical Aspects of Aging 2 hours
BIO 141 Nutrition Through the Life Cycle 3 hours
SW 378/578 Policies and Services for Older Persons 2 hours
SW 410/610 Working with Older Adults 2 hours
PSY 346/546 Aging Individual in Society 3 hours
*SW 299 Pre-professional Practicum 3 hours
*To be arranged with approval of the director of the gerontology program.

B. Elective Courses
Select a minimum of two credit hours from the following courses:

EDU 390/590 The Adult Learner 3 hours
PSY 348 Death and Dying 3 hours
RS 384 Faith and Human Development 3 hours
SOC 306 Ethnic and Racial Diversity 3 hours
SOC 345 Sociology of the Family 3 hours
SW 325 Professional Communication 4 hours
SW 200C Working with Mental Illness 2 hours
SW 200G Working with LGBT Individuals 2 hours